A bunch of Byrneholics contributed pictures and birthday wishes for a book that is being published and will be sent to Mr. Byrne, thanks to his agent. His birthday is May 12 and it is not clear when he will receive the book (he is traveling and the book is going to Dublin), but whenever it gets to him, he will feel the love!

Byrneholics from all over the world provided pictures of themselves and their cities and countries, along with heart-felt messages. The book includes best wishes for a wonderful birthday and a beautiful outpouring of appreciation and love.

While we cannot see the book itself (it is a print book and is on its way to Mr. Byrne now, along with several letters), I wanted to share as much of it as possible with this video.

The video includes pictures of Gabriel that are not in the book–they are for us! And I included short excerpts from the messages in the book where I could. Please do not feel bad if your words are not in the video. They are in the book or in your letters, fear not!

Thank you to all who contributed to this birthday book project! Your words and images are truly inspirational!

I will share with you my message to him in the book on this, the occasion of his birthday:

Happy Birthday, Gabriel/Mr. B./Mr. Byrne!

My mother used to say that you did not need to have a party to celebrate your birthday. You just needed balloons, flowers, presents, birthday cake, candles, champagne, friends and family, and that special someone.

“But Mom!” I would respond plaintively. “If you have all that, then you have a PARTY!”

And she would smile and say “I guess you are right, honey. Happy Birthday!”

I hope you have enjoyed your party in a book from your friends and fans at Byrneholics, where we are inspired, enlightened, encouraged, amazed, delighted, and just a little intoxicated by — YOU!

Happiest of Birthdays to you!

Love, Stella

Be sure to watch this HD video in full screen mode and turn up your speakers!

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!


  1. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    Thank You Stella. You’ve made this old heart happy.

  2. T. Sidhu

    Is there any other way to leave a birthday greeting as I left it too late for the birthday book?

  3. Stella that is amazing!!!! And a big wave to the Byrneholic from Birmingham!!!!!! Hello There!!!
    Happy Birthday Mr Byrne!!!!

  4. WOW, this is awesome, I love it and I am sure he will love it too. I can’t stop smiling :-) xx

  5. Alex_Piton

    OH – MY – GOD!! Wonderful Birthday Book, Stella!!! :*___*:
    Unfortunately, because of exams, I had to study and I have not had much time to spend online and participate to the gift for Gabe… :(((
    Can I leave my little message for him here? I know that will not go into the video, but… :-/

  6. Alex_Piton

    Hey girls, it’s me, Alex_Piton!
    The message I sent first was my. Without thinking, I have written my other e-mail address, sorry! ^ ^”

  7. Thank you Stella for making this birthday greetings to Gabriel possible!
    It is lovely to see that Gabriel has so many Byrneholics around the world who appreciate him so extremely much.

  8. Wonderful video, Stella. Happy Birthday to a man who’s enriched our lives.

  9. Great job Stella. I know I’ve said it before but your one in a million!!

    Thanks for all the work you do!


  10. Alex_Piton

    Happy birthday, Mr Byrne!!!!
    Be always yourself!!! ;)

  11. Really great job, Stella!
    And wonderful idea!

    I wish you a wonderful day, Mr Byrne, and may your future days be wonderful as well.

  12. Que lindo Stella!! Acho que vou chorar… Parabéns ao nosso amado Gabriel!

  13. sweetbud2

    Stella, what an absolutely beautiful job–wonderful b’day book!!!

  14. I’m soooo sorry I missed his b’day!! I would’ve posted something in Gabriel’s honor. Ah well, awesome job celebrating Stella. I can’t wait to see ‘All Things to All Men.’ In fact, I included that in today’s poll :D

  15. the idea is even nicer now it has come to life, Stella :D!

  16. What a great and beautiful work and message! Congratulations for the job done and for the idea! I realize it is too late for me to post something to be included, do you know if it’s possible somehow to post something gabriel could read for the B-Day? Have a nice day (here it’s the evening ;-)). Diane

  17. Would anyone, including Mr.Byrne, have any secret and/or poetic places to experience in Dublin?
    Thank you,

  18. Stella, you’re such a special girl. What a beautiful video.

  19. A very happy birthday wish to Gabriel for tomorrow; I just hope that the day is filled with the people and things that matter most to him in his life at this time, whatever that may be.

  20. AnnaBlume

    Joyeux anniversaire l’Ange Gabriel!!!
    You make my days sweeter. You make my nights lovelier… You Sir are a source of Joy. Might sound silly, but it is simply a fact…
    Merci d’être tel que vous l’êtes et profitez pleinement des années et des plaisirs qui se présentent à vous…
    Bisous de Québec
    Anna B
    P.S. You do speak french a bit… now don’t you? ;)

  21. Wish you a day of sharing this special occasion with your loved ones and an enlightening , fulfilling year with precious memories to treasure along the way!

  22. Check out our Birthday Tribute to Gabriel Byrne on City Connect Online Magazine http://www.city-connect.org/happy-birthday-gabriel-byrne/

  23. Happy birthday Mr Byrne! I wish you all the best, today and all days to come! <3

    And Stella, thanks for this wonderful site! I really enjoy visiting it and reading about Mr Byrne and his work/activities. He´s a multi-talented man, but the thing that arouses my admiration most is that he seems to be such a great person, with interesting and inspiring thoughts and opinions!

    Believe it or not, I actually didn´t know who Gabriel Byrne was until I discovered "In treatment" (last summer). Now I´m on the other hand helplessly stuck, haha! : )

  24. Happy Birthday to the wonderful, amazing Gabriel Byrne xxxx

  25. Oh,Stella, what a beautiful video ! Thanks , you are unique ! And Happy Birthday to Mr.Byrne , the most talented and wonderful human being !!

  26. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    Happy Birthday Mr.B. Your not getting older ,your getting better. With all love Kim


    Hope you will enjoy your birthday book.
    We all certainly enjoy your work, your talent and
    your gift to be a great human being.

  28. So I’m late now ;-), and I’m sorry for that : I wish to Gabriel Byrne a wonderful Birth+1-day! And all the same for the rest of the year : wonderful moments with your loved ones, and the optimism strewn with roses that goes along the way at time of fresh start. It’s a blessing to finally know who we are, and, as we can see through the parts and caracters and interviews, M. Byrne must know now that he is an interesting, inspirating, profund man.

  29. In the excitement of creating The Happy Birthday Book for Gabriel Byrne, I completely forgot to acknowledge Ruth’s great posting over at FlixChatter in honor of Gabriel’s 62nd big day. Please do head over to her site and take a look at it–it is quite a wonderful tribute! http://flixchatter.net/2012/05/12/happy-birthday-gabriel-byrne-five-fave-roles-of-the-elegant-irish-thespian/

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