Please Note: The Projects Page no longer exists as a separate page. A section on the main homepage is devoted to Projects now, so check it out!

Now that Gabriel Byrne is back before the cameras–multiple cameras, it seems!–he continues to be one of the busiest men on the planet.

Proof of this can be found at the newly updated Projects Page here at the Byrneholics website.

Mr. Byrne is involved in twelve different projects at this time, including a film that has recently been released, a CD on the way in July, a television series that has wrapped and should be showing in early fall, and several films that are in various stages of pre-production and actual filming.

Information about release dates, story synopses, directors, and more can found in each listing for all announced projects, as well as a rumor or two.

The Projects Page will be updated as projects are completed.

If you have information about any of these projects or others that may not be included, please contact me!



  1. Love your Project Page!
    It is very nice to have all the new projects on one page.
    Good idea!

  2. Fantastic page! Maybe the long Gabriel drought is nearly over…. These projects look so very interesting, just the kind of socially-conscious subjects he’s drawn to, with perhaps a little ‘romance’ thrown in for good measure. I’m looking forward to each and every one. Thanks for compiling this one-page guide. It will make it much easier to catch up with his busy, busy schedule.

  3. Great idea putting all the projects on one page. They sound like very interesting films. I am particularly looking forward to I, Anna and le temps de l’aventure.

  4. Thanks, everyone. Keeping this page updated is going to be a full time job–and I could not be happier!

  5. Stella, lots of people want more of audio! But it would make up a three CD set, think people would be interested?

  6. Yes, I have enjoyed the audio clips .

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