I, Anna opens in UK theaters on December 7. This is such an important and long-awaited milestone. Yay!

Lots of exclusive stuff–posters, clips, previews–has been coming out in support of the film’s premiere in its home town. While there are still no mainstream reviews, there are several blog and independent site reviews, most of which seem lukewarm in their response. I keep thinking that some who are seeing this film just don’t get it, but I have not seen it myself, so for now I will exercise my option to present you with what I want you to see: the cool stuff!


Empire Magazine: [the link to this review is no longer available]

There’s few better than Byrne at conveying this kind of jaded intelligence – watch him in In Treatment for more recent evidence – and few more enigmatic screen presences than Rampling’s. She’s a possible eyewitness to a murder he’s investigating, but his mind is increasingly elsewhere.

As Anna Welles, Rampling treads in the same heels as her femme fatale Velma in 1975’s Farewell, My Lovely. There, Robert Mitchum was the ‘tec falling under her spell; here it’s Byrne. The effect is the same: a man and his marbles slowly parting company.

new clips

1. This locally-hosted clip might need a few moments to load. I call this the “Driving Mr. Byrne” clip…

2. “Seduction, the Gabriel Byrne Way”–courtesy of Curzon YouTube Channel:

new promo still

Brought to you by Barnaby Southcombe, the film’s director

new poster

Love the tag line: “Stranger. Lover. Mother. Suspect.” Love the red. Love those two faces.
And this hi-res poster is downloadable at 800×600.


  1. Can’t wait!!!!! I just hope my local cinema will show it…

  2. I can’t wait too!

  3. I like the new poster!
    Hope I Anna will come to Norway soon too.

  4. Gabriel Byrne is still sexy after all these years!

  5. Hurray! I have tickets for tomorrow’s screening!

  6. I have just seen I, Anna. It captures the atmosphere well and Anna ‘s character well without giving too much away. Gabriel Byrne portrays the part of the careworn, lonely and caring detective well too!

    • Tess, would you be interested in writing a review for Byrneholics? It does not have to be long. Your impressions and thoughts about the movie would be very interesting to everyone, I am sure. Think about it, ok? Thanks!

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