Variety reports:

“Young Adult,’ ‘I, Anna’ to unspool in Berlinale Special

Jason Reitman’s “Young Adult” and Barnaby Southcombe’s “I, Anna” are among the latest international pics selected for this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

“Young Adult,” with Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt, and “I, Anna,” a noir thriller starring Charlotte Rampling, Gabriel Byrne and Hayley Atwell that got a major boost at the fest’s Co-production Market in 2010, will screen as part of the Berlinale Special sidebar.

Screen International was nice enough to use a (tiny) picture from I, Anna for their report:

An interview with Charlotte Rampling from May 2011 in The Guardian gets the name of the film wrong, but it is worth a look anyway.

And the review of “The Look”, the documentary about Charlotte Rampling, from The New York Times makes us wish that she and Gabriel Byrne would make a documentary together!

The Berlin Film Festival (the 62nd Berlinale) runs February 9 – 19 in, you guessed it, Berlin!

No word on an appearance by Mr. Byrne at this time, but stay tuned. We understand he is in London, so a trip to this festival seems possible.

Read our previous postings about this film and let’s hope for a premiere in the US soon!

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Le Capital

Le Figaro brings us up-to-date on the shooting of Le Capital in Paris. Our correspondents in Paris, Camille and Ara, deserve our thanks for the heads up on this!

Gabriel is seated under the picture

The official caption to this picture states:
“The shooting of the latest Costa-Gavras film takes place in the Netherlands embassy,
rue de Grenelle, in the 7th arrondissement in Paris”

The article notes that in the scene in the picture above, the dialogue involved layoffs, indemnities and transactions (ouch!) and that the day after shooting at the embassy, they would go to a ministry  in Paris, and then Roissy (Charles de Gaulle) airport and then head on to London.

Finally, they also mention that, between takes, Gabriel went back to his trailer. Working on those lines, no doubt–and always the professional. We are thrilled he is working on big screen projects these days!

The Courier

Irish Central has an article on action films: Top Ten Irish tough guy Hollywood movies of all time–VIDEOS

Coming in at #9 is The Courier and here is what they have to say:

Ireland’s former Ambassador for Culture, Gabriel Byrne, stars in this action packed movie about a courier at the D-Day Courier Service. He mistakenly finds a pile of money in his regular delivery. He does some digging only to discover that the messenger company is a front for a drug ring.

A reformed drug user himself, he sets out to crack the lethal ring.

See our Mega Movie Page for The Courier for more information about this almost forgotten film. It is great that they included it in their list, but nicer still would have been “Miller’s Crossing”!

Also, this is the only film on the list without an accompanying video, so here is one for you.

And, on second thought, Gabriel did NOT play the “good guy” in this film. While the description above may be incorrect, the film is still a wonderful bit of Byrne Nostalgia, so give it a go!

The Ghost of Ghost Ship

Finally, here are some nice words from Ron Eldard. Ron Eldard? Yes, you remember. Ghost Ship. Mr. Eldard wants to set the record straight about this film we all love to hate in an interview about his latest movie, “Roadie,” in the Oman Times (a New York Times syndicate) [This interview is no longer available on the Internet]:

The sprawling, unrushed conversation will get around to Roadie, but since Eldard stated his criteria for selecting projects, it’s only fair to throw two words back at him: Ghost Ship (2002), a horrifyingly bad haunted-ship movie in which he starred alongside Gabriel Byrne and then-girlfriend Julianna Margulies.

‘’The movie you saw on the screen was not at all the movie I said yes to,’’ Eldard insists. ‘’I shouldn’t say ‘not at all’ – it’s drastically different than the movie I said yes to.

‘’That movie was originally called Chimera,’’ he explains. ‘’It had pretty great actors. Gabriel Byrne is no joke. There was a Devil character in there that wasn’t in it originally. It was originally four people on the ship and it was like The Shining (1980). It was very creepy, one of the creepiest, creepiest, genuinely scary scripts I’d read. When we got to Australia, there were two more characters added and it became much more a movie, I think, about special effects, though the actors were all still very committed.

‘’But the original idea was four people go on this boat and they get possessed by the boat and they all go crazy,’’ Eldard says. ‘’Twenty-five pages into that script, I said, ‘I want to do this.’ It was disturbing and not particularly commercial, but it changed drastically.

‘’When we landed in Australia, it was a very different script.’’

OK, fair enough. Now on to Roadie.

Can someone get us out of here? Anyone? Please?


  1. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    Thanks for the update

    • You know, we helped break the news of this film two years ago, just after the 2010 Berlinale. It is so great to see it making its way to the screen now. I wish there were more promotional materials available for it, but we just have to wait for posters and pictures to come along after the premiere. Wonderful to see the first of Gabriel’s pictures in the pipeline coming out for a good run!

  2. Thanks for sharing all these news.
    I am really looking forward to see I, Anna, and I hope it will come to Norway soon.

  3. The first of many! I hope this comes to my local cinema, but they are not very good at showing films that aren’t multi million pound blockbusters if you know what I mean. Which is a shame, but I live in hope!!! Thanks Stella

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