We heard previously via Twitter that Gabriel was in Florida shooting this film and here is a picture of him there with a colleague:

Filming in Florida in the middle of winter. Someone has to do it!

Other filming locations include London, New York City, and Paris.

Cineuropa provides some new details about the script and the cast:

Taking a scathing look at the world of international finance, Costa Gavras’s eighteenth feature, Capital, starts shooting next Wednesday. After Amen (2002), The Axe [trailer] (2005) and Eden is West [trailer] (2009), the Greek-born French director is embarking on a political suspense thriller adapted from Stéphane Osmont’s novel Le Capital.

The cast includes Gad Elmaleh (Priceless [trailer] and set to grace screens next June in Un Bonheur N’arrive Jamais Seul alongside Sophie Marceau), Irish star Gabriel Byrne (recently acclaimed in the TV series In Treatment), Belgian actress Natacha Régnier (The Prey [trailer]) and Hippolyte Girardot (Top Floor, Left Wing [trailer]).

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Costa Gavras: “one of French cinema’s most internationally feted writer-directors”

For those unfamiliar with the work of Costa Gavras, you can learn more in this wonderful interview from The Guardian in 2009, the 40th anniversary of his landmark film, Z. An excerpt:

This year marks the 40th anniversary of his landmark feature Z (1969), about an incorruptible judge investigating the killing at a peace demo of a reformist politician, played by Yves Montand. With democracy disappearing in a fog of dirty tricks, conspiracy and cover-up, Z was an indictment of the US-backed coup in Greece, and was banned there under the military junta of 1967-74. With dark humour, a faux-documentary style and a soundtrack by Mikos Theodorakis – then under house arrest – it made Gavras’s name as master of a genre that married the pace and suspense of the action thriller with political critique, and it won an Oscar for best foreign-language film. Z has recently begun an anniversary tour with a screening in New York in a new 35mm print.


Philippe Claudel, the French novelist and film-maker whose I’ve Loved You So Long won this year’s Bafta for best foreign-language film, sees Gavras as a “tragic poet” whose elegant, humanist films pose profound questions. “He writes stories with his movie camera that show fights between history and individual choices, or the ironically small place of man in an inhuman society.”

The director and Mr. Byrne made a film together in 1983: Hanna K. You can refresh your memory about that film at the Hanna K Mega Movie Page.

And, as Lozzie has pointed out, here is what that film looks like (thanks to someone we know for posting this!):

And The AV Club interviewed him in 2009 as well:

AVC: What are you working on next?

CG: I’m trying to see if I can speak about our society today, but I cannot speak about the theme, because it’s a bit difficult. I’m just starting to work on that. Because we live in a kind of world which has drastically changed in the last years. We speak about globalization, and how it’s become the reason for everything. It has a kind of deep meaning. To be everywhere and to be nowhere at the same time. You think to globalize, you think, the Earth, it’s your country. No, it’s not your country. It’s not easy to catch it in a cinema. It’s too huge.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have bought and seen Hanna K. before because of Gabriel, and I think I will look at that movie again now. And if Le Capital written by Stephane Osmont is translated into English (or Norwegian or German…) I will buy and read it.
    And of course, now it is time to get to know the whole body of work by
    Costa Gavras. Thanks for the interview with him!

    • No one remembers what a controversial and amazing film “Z” was. Costa Gavras was a political icon back then. People actually stood up at the end of the movie when it was in theaters and cheered. Different times. I can’t wait to see what he does with the current financial/political scene and this new film of his!

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