Here is a real rarity: an excerpt, including the opening credits, from the first episode of the series Bracken, with Gabriel Byrne in the role of Pat Barry.

Many thanks to @g12_el on Twitter for making this available and to Linda for her video wizardry!

Bracken, a rural television drama series, created by Wesley Burrowes, was first broadcast in January 1980. The cast included Gabriel Byrne, who had played Pat Barry in The Riordans, and Dana Wynter. Bracken in turn led to Glenroe which inherited the characters of Dinny and Miley Byrne and ran for 18 years on RTE.

Mary Kearns, Gabriel Byrne and Sean Lawlor in a scene from Bracken



  1. It is great to see a glimpse from this series with the young Gabriel. It would have been wonderful if all of this series had been on DVD, but that is just wishful thinking. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. oh that’s great !! :D Is there more of this ? He looks so young and so cute !

  3. kevin comer

    was wondering where i could all the episodes of bracken. such a great show. very edgy for it’s time, any help would be appreciated

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