Yes, it is a bit early for the American celebration of Thanksgiving, but Byrneholics around the globe are celebrating the start of filming for the new BBC series Quirke, a 3-part mini-series based on the first three novels by Benjamin Black.

If you live in Ireland, you are in luck:

Thousands of extras are currently being sought for ‘Quirke’, with an open casting day for adults taking place on Tuesday November 6, between 11am-7pm at The Mont Clare (O’Callaghan’s Hotel), 1/4 Merrion Street Lower, Dublin 2. Each person will be given a form to fill out and the production company will take your photo. All shapes and sizes of adults are welcome. Any further queries can be made by emailing

According to the Irish Film and Television Network (IFTN):

Gabriel Byrne will begin principal photography on BBC crime thriller ‘Quirke’ in Clancy Barracks in Dublin on November 19, IFTN can exclusively reveal.

The three-part series is currently in pre-production, with production crew moving in their lighting equipment and trailers for the three month-long shoot.

Byrne, who is currently shooting his final scenes for the History Channel mini-series ‘Vikings’ in Wicklow, will be joined by ‘Sense & Sensibility’ director John Alexander in Dublin, as well as crew from Dublin-based Tyrone Productions and Element Pictures, and the BBC Drama team, who are all co-producing.

Read more of the IFTN article and consider moving to Ireland now!

A “Quirke By Night” wallpaper by Stella


  1. I don’t know how to use twitter. I am listening to the Last Word interview . I accidentally stopped the interview , so I am listening to the beginning. It’s interesting in that it covers New York, politics, Quirke. Looking forward to the rest of the interview!

    • Yes, it was quite an interview. I captured the MP3 file, so we can listen to it later. He talks about Quirke, which was cool. Lots of politics! US election, cultural ambassador experience, the Irish Diaspora, and the Gathering. Very passionate on these topics and I’m sure some of what he said will be interpreted as controversial and negative. Many seem to be responding with their agreement, however! :-)

  2. T. Sidhu

    I managed somehow to listen to the whole interview. Yes, he was passionate about the topics and I also agree some of what he said will be interpreted as controversial and negative. As you say, many seem to agree with him! He also plugged Secret State!

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