Here is the wonderful interview by the renowned Gay Byrne, talking with the amazing Gabriel Byrne, from 2010. You get two Gabriel Byrnes in one video!

A note from Stella, August 10, 2020:

Originally, there were two other versions of this video. One was a locally-hosted version that took forever to download and the other was the video made available by the Internet Archive. Both of those versions no longer exist.

Below is a copy of a version of the interview that was made available on DailyMotion. The video quality is pretty low, but the audio is good.

This seems to be the only version available at this time. I have put it on Vimeo in the BH TV section and made it open to everyone and embedded it below for you.

Please do leave a comment. This is a touching and intense interview and is sure to spark a response in most of us. So share! heart


  1. Andy Veloso

    Nice interview and interesting comments from Mr. Byrne (our Gabriel). For him the meaning of life is much more than movies, fame or something else. For him, the meaning of life is live well and solid principles.

  2. Very good interview. Loved the laugh after the plumbing apology. Thanks for posting.

  3. Awesome interview. How can you not like a person that honest and authentic – and so vulnerable too?

  4. It’s an interview which shows him to be contemplative and he discusses subjects which are rarely discussed openly in order for others to be able to discuss them too.

    It ‘s about our humanity and I agree with the comment about vulnerability too.

  5. Good interview with a very nice and intelligent man.

  6. natasha choudhury

    I like many,first noticed Gabriel because of his wonderful dark Irish looks and lovely voice!.But this very quickly changed. I find him to be wonderfully aware and highly intelligent.Listening to him impart his aquired knowledge is always a joy and his words always seem to come from a place of ‘real’ truth..So very rare now a days.

  7. nancy hall

    If I’d had a brother, he would have been Gabriel Byrne. I suspect that evoking a connection that deep is what makes him a great actor. I am grateful for the experience.

  8. Hi, love hearing you Gabriel and you speaking truth. If you ever read the messages on this site it is my wish that some day I would have the pleasure of sitting with you over a coffee. Courage and strength, inspiring and brutally honest. It is an honour to be living in the same time as you….I have a question……If there was a way through being in a state of consciousness in the presence of others and you could find a peace and joy free from depression and alcoholism would one be curious to know how to attain it……..

  9. Michelle Ayala

    There was only a small clip of this posted on You tube. Thank you for uploading the full version of this on here. Gabriel comes from a time and place when having liberated opportunities did not exist. I admire his talent, honesty and caring nature. This is my first time seeing this interview.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the interview, Michelle. Mr. Byrne is so authentic and inspirational here. We all admire him and I know we all appreciate his willingness to share his experience with us. Thanks for visiting! :-)

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