It’s that time of year–time to dust and clean, open the windows, let the fresh air in!

OK. Well, it is hard to do that to a website, but just in time for Spring, we have spruced things up a bit here at Byrneholics, added some new cool stuff, and cleaned up a few boo-boos.

Here’s the list of enhancements to the homepage, with a great contribution by Aragarna, all magically created by Leah Root, our trusty designer.

1. Byrneholics Television: yes, you can now watch all Gabriel Byrne all the time! Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage. Can you smell the popcorn? Click on it and you will find a special channel on YouTube just for us. Thanks to Ara for curating this list. Films will come and go, depending on their availability, of course, so watch early and often…


Yes, I’ll take that and some Red Hots and Milk Duds
and a big helping of Gabriel Byrne, please!

2. Most Recent Additions: this sits just above the Flickr Feed in the middle of the page and gives you a VERY nice preview of the latest 14 images loaded in the Gallery. Hover your mouse over an image and it will pop out for you. Click on the thumbnail and it takes you to the Gallery. Cool!

3. At the bottom of the page (the footer), you will find a list of links. These are places you should really visit at some point. The categories are: Gabriel Byrne Fans, Other Fans, Gabriel Byrne’s Causes, Film, Cool Irish, and Literary Irish. I can curate this list myself now, so changes will happen as necessary. If you have a link suggestion, let me know!

4. All of the “Cultural Ambassador” postings are now under the main heading “Gabriel” in the navigation at the top of the screen.

5. “Projects” postings are in the middle of the page next to Recent Comments. The 4 latest postings about projects Gabriel is working on will be here.

6. “Media” postings are just below Projects and these will lead you to postings that are primarly video or audio. Ara and I are still working on how to organize some of the media elements, but this is how it works for now.

7. The Image Slider down towards the bottom of the page is now devoted to only showing postings about Gabriel’s films.

7. The “Career” heading at the top of the page is broken into 3 parts. Hover over Career and you will see Feature Films, Stage, and Television. Now hover over Feature Films and you will see “List of Films” and “News.” The List of Films will take you to the list where I link to the Mega Movie Pages. This is Gabriel’s official filmography. The News will take you to postings about his films. Same for “Stage” and “Television.” Now you can find all the Gabriel Goodness in just ONE heading–“Career”!

8. And last but not least: under “Byrne-ing Files” at the top of the page, you will see Press. Hover over “Press” and then you will find “Current Articles” (postings that include quotes from and links to the current stuff) and “Press Archive,” which will take you to all of the scanned print articles in the Gallery.

One last thing we are working on is the Gallery. The main page is just too darned long. You can scroll forever and not get to the bottom. Not really, but…so we are trying to collapse some categories and organize it better. This should be done later next week.

Whew! I think that’s it. Enjoy all of this cool new stuff! Many thanks to Ara for her suggestions and to Leah for her hard work making it all happen!

And if you have any thoughts about how to make Byrneholics better, please leave a comment. This place is for you, so let’s decorate it together…

Happy Spring!


  1. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    What could possibly say. I’m no whiz at what you all are doing. So anything you do is fine by me. OOOXXX

    • Well, Kim, I would suggest popping some popcorn, grabbing a G&T, and sitting down with Byrneholics Television for an evening of Gabriel Goodness. :-)

      Or you could just poke around the website and see all the stuff that’s changed… (boring!)…

  2. Georgina Broxton (aka George)

    Wow, I love this site. Thank you (and all your collaborators) for making this a site to treasure for all things Gabriel. Love it, love it, love it!

  3. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    Yes to both suggestions. But popping around to see all the new stuff I’m going to learn how to get from point A to point B. Will take me some time and may ask questions from time to time. I’m a ditz don’t ya know

    • You are not a ditz. You are learning as you go. Most of us do this, actually. Fear not! Just explore and find what interests you. As it happens, there are over 300 postings on this website now. Who knew? Anyway, there is lots to read and discover. Just take your time. Ask any questions that come up along the way. And enjoy that G&T. :-)

  4. Oh God, such a temptation… spring cleaning temporarily suspended I’m afraid.
    Thank you Stella!

  5. I should have expressed myself better: MY spring cleaning temporarily suspended! (:

    • Heh heh. Yes, DeMonk. I was so busy spring cleaning the website that I forgot to do the laundry this past weekend! :-) What we do for Gabriel Byrne, eh?

  6. Thank you stella .This is a great web site, and happy spring to everyone!x0

  7. Glad you are enjoying the website, Miranda. Thanks for your kind words and Happy Spring to you, too!

  8. Thanks for all the work you have done girls. It is easy to find things the way it is organized in the bottom of the front page, written on the black background. I especially love to read about Gabriels causes and to study the list of the authors.

    • You, like me, are a librarian. We like to have things organized, don’t we? :-)

      I am working on getting the links section moved to a more prominent place, but for now they must live in the black footer. That’s ok. If you have suggestions for additions, let me know!

      And thanks for your kind words, as always, Nora.

  9. Hello, girls! I check into this website whenever I feel down. (Esp. after paying BILLS.) Do many of you hail from Ireland, or any Americans out there? I live in the San Francisco region of Calif. Usually keep the Byrning feelings to myself, but what the hey…!

    • Hi, Miriam! I feel your pain about the bills. Gabriel Byrne is a wonderful antidote to the “feeling downs,” isn’t he?

      People from all over the world are here at Byrneholics. I’m going to make a map someday. Canada, Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France, Australia, other places I can’t remember, and of course Texas, USA! Quite an international group of Gabriel Byrne Fans.

      You can always share your Byrne-ing feelings here!

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