Mr. Byrne is currently in the UK filming Coup. Every now and then someone tweets that they have spotted him out and about. While he is on the set, lots of Byrne-ing stuff is happening, though!

John Ford: Dreaming the Quiet Man

The Canadian premiere of this documentary, directed by Sé Merry Doyle and narrated by Gabriel Byrne, is March 9 at the Toronto Irish Film Festival. It opens the festival with a gala and a reception. The film examines “legendary Hollywood director John Ford’s 20-year journey to make the iconic Irish movie “The Quiet Man” which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.”

Added November 2, 2018: You can purchase the Blu-ray and DVD versions of this documentary now at Amazon and Turner Classic Movies Online Shop.

All Things To All Men

Composer Edward White is working on the music for “classy British thriller” All Things To All Men. From his website:

Alpha Dog Music composer, Edward White has recently begun work on to the classy British thriller All Things to All Men. A fast-paced, London-based crime thriller, All Things marks the directorial debut of seasoned Producer, George Isaac who is co-producing with frequent collaborator Pierre Mascolo with whom he enjoyed success with the Kidulthood and Adulthood films.

The movie stars Gabriel Byrne (Usual Suspects, In Treatment), Rufus Sewell (Dark City, The Holiday), Toby Stephens (Die Another Day) and a host of British glitterati.

The score will be recorded in mid April at Abbey Road studio 1 with the Nimrod Orchestra.

And, according to IMDBPro, All Things to All Men is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, 2012!


Jim Sheridan is re-imagining “Into the West”

Oscar-nominated director Jim Sheridan (Dream House, My Left Foot) is to set write an updated version of his 1992 film ‘Into The West’. Sheridan received Irish Film Board funding to the tune of €50,000 for the project in late November in order to develop it.

International trades are buzzing that the film’s original producer Tim Palmer is to return and that Sheridan will direct the film this time around. The updated version of the film will be set in the US but with similar themes to the 1992 version.

Tom Bradby is writing a new script based on “Defence of the Realm”

Bradby is continuing his film writing with an adaptation of Defence of the Realm, the 1985 Cold War political thriller starring Gabriel Byrne. “I initially said ‘no’ but then I came up with a really interesting angle which was to effectively replace the Cold War with the War on Terror and [look at] what the state might do in defence of the realm there. I think it’s much more nuanced because the truth is that the public would probably support much stronger action in that regard than they would in the Cold War.”

Writing is Bradby’s “passion outside of work, the same as people play golf or go fishing”. He works with his wife, who he praises for her skill in characterisation. “I tend now to halve my time and I will do a bit of a novel for a bit and then a bit of a screenplay for a bit.”

He says he has enjoyed working on Defence of the Realm because of its topicality. “It’s quite pertinent because it’s about a tabloid journalist who rediscovers his journalistic soul,” he says. “And it’s about the media and the politicians and whether they are too close.”

I suppose if we are going to remake Dickens and Austen every few years, then Gabriel Byrne can handle having his films reshuffled occasionally. After all, he is filming a “remake” of a television series from the 1980’s right now. I would suggest, however, that no one attempt to duplicate Siesta!

You will burn your fingers trying to recapture this film! smile


  1. Nora Doherty

    Where can I get a email/postal address for Gabriel Byrne? I have an idea for a film that he might be interested in. Themes of power of Trust, Surrender, Unconditional love, Story line is souls destiny, humans as co-creators of destiny, ascension of humanity, joy of estasy of union with the Divine. Name of movie: A Water Bed in Ireland, first visioned in Colorado in 1989. Epic potential – Twin Flame stuff!

    • Nora D., you did not leave an email address.

      Contact me at stellakuru (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Independent Filmmaker

      Hi Nora,

      I’m a filmmaker, and your project sounds really interesting. I’d love to exchange some info with you but don’t really want to do so on a public blog. If you like, you can email me at a yahoo address:


      Put the “@” and then after that. (Written this way to avoid the bots!)

      Thanks, and good luck with the project.

  2. Thanks for the information.
    I must admit I am not so interested in remakes of movies. It is better to tell new stories in new movies I think. But something I do like is documentaries about (old) movies. That is really interesting. Would love to see Dreaming The Quiet Man.

    • I forgot to note: “Dreaming The Quiet Man” is due for general release in Ireland in June. At the LoopLine website, they had mentioned releasing the DVD, but that information is no longer there, so I think we can all watch (and listen to!) this intriguing documentary in theaters (in Ireland anyway) this summer!

  3. Firstly, I gotta know what movie is that wallpaper above from?? The one w/ Ellen Barkin… OH MY, Gabriel looks so darn sexy!!

    Ok, now that I got that out of the way… I absolutely can’t wait for ‘All Things To All Men’!! I hope the trailer is out soon.

    • Ruth! That wallpaper is from “Siesta,” the film Ellen Barkin and Gabriel made together and then they fell in love and got married. Talk about chemistry! If you have never seen it, you must. It is a crazy 1980’s movie but they are so hot in it your eyelids will burn away. Or something. Secondly, we too are waiting for more news about “All Things To All Men.” Can’t wait for that film! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for making Gabriel the star of your new movie pitch. Awesome!

  4. Oh ok I have to find ‘Siesta’ soon! Wow, lucky Ellen, huh? No doubt he looked hot in it, oh man that thick, dark hair [swoon]

    And THANK YOU for your help with the pitch. Gabriel is a natural choice for crime dramas, don’t you think? If only we could see him in such a role in real life.

  5. paul o beirne

    hello any of you fans got any old versions of bracken it was old irish tv series starring gabriel byrne .if you have or know where i can get any episodes please let me know. thank you.

    kind regards paul o beirne

    • Hi, Paul! Thanks for stopping by. I am not aware of any Bracken episodes floating about but if any do surface, this is probably a good place to learn about them. Let’s keep hoping they turn up some day!

  6. Kim Serrahn /Connell (@kimserrahn)

    We all wish that.

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