Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

To get your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations off to a grand start:

Independent.ie; Like an Irish whiskey Irish men get better with age [This article is no longer available on the Internet]

GABRIEL Byrne, Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan all rank among Ireland’s best looking men, showing Irish men are like our whiskey – they improve with age.

US showbiz website zap2it has compiled a list of the nation’s best looking men, and features many familiar faces such as Colin Farrell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Michael Fassbender.

But if you really want to see the pictures, you must head over to:

Zap2it: Irish celebrities: Hot Irish Men [This article no longer available on the Internet]

About Gabriel Byrne, they say:

Who wouldn’t want to tell their deepest secrets to actor Gabriel Byrne? His inviting smile and melodic accent make him the perfect choice to play psychotherapist Dr. Paul Weston in HBO’s “In Treatment.”

Caution: Irish charisma–handle with care!

Or, if your celebratory inclinations lean towards the Irish political (as opposed to the Irish Hottie), you might be interested to know that the Taoiseach and 16 Irish ministers will be traveling all around the globe to help the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (with or without green beer):

TAOISEACH ENDA KENNY is to meet US president Barack Obama at the White House for the traditional St Patrick’s Day celebrations as the government confirmed this evening that 16 ministers will be travelling abroad for the annual celebrations.

The government said that Ministers will be carrying a message that: “Now is the time to invest in Ireland’s recovery” as various cabinet members head as far afield as China and Singapore to promote the message that Ireland is a country to be invested in.

The former cultural Ambassador for Ireland will be filming in Manchester UK. Or perhaps Liverpool.


Yes, our man is gallivanting about again, filming Coup in all sorts of places. This time, he was spotted by a passing photographer who saw the crew and knew something was afoot.

He said:

I was going past in my car and I saw a film crew in the centre of Faulkner Square.

Gabriel Byrne was sitting on a bench in the centre of the gardens. He was with another actor and they were chatting. They were both dressed in smart suits.

This was about midday and there lots of production people there.

Hardly anyone knew that filming was going on there, or that Gabriel Byrne was there.

What he fails to mention is that the other actor sitting on that bench was Rupert Graves!

Gabriel Byrne and Rupert Graves lolligagging about in a park in Liverpool–filming the TV series “Coup”

And in another sighting, he was in (pretend) Switzerland and he was multiplied!

 Multiple Gabriel Byrnes. Yes!

Stay tuned for more news as filming of Coup continues!

I, Anna update

The Hollywood Reporter reports the new sales group Global Screen is cutting deals to get I, Anna into a theater near you.

Brit drama I, Anna, starring Charlotte Rampling, was a also a strong seller for Global Screen, with deals for Sweden (TriArt) and Australia (Transmission Films).

So, Sweden and Australia, you are set!

Don’t be surprised to find a rather stern looking Rutger Hauer staring back at you when you visit this article link. The sales group managed to sell his latest film to the USA. Sigh. We shall keep hoping for I, Anna to hit American shores someday soon.

You can learn more about I, Anna at the Global Screen website [As of August, 2017 this website is no longer available].  There appears to be a problem with the embedded video, but there is good information on the page, plus the pictures we have all seen. And you might want to check out their homepage now and then because little goodies like THIS show up there:

 Cannot. Wait.

There are more pictures in the Gallery for the film, including screencaps from the teaser trailers.

a wacky blast from the past

brandnewretro, a blog providing “scans from the past,” grabbed our attention on March 12 with this provocatively titled posting: “Menage a Trois–1980–Gabriel Byrne, May Pang, Pandora Moore & Twink.”

So, I know a bit about the past but who were these people???

brandnewretro notes that May Pang was John Lennon’s girlfriend in 1973; all of these folks made a video and a single, although some of them did not sing. No one can find the single or the video now. BNR did find an interview with May Pang from 2010, which is unfortunately no longer available online, in which she shares this about Gabriel Byrne:

SG: I didn’t realize he did so much work for them! Is this you in the other picture too, with the guy?

May: Yes! Yes, that’s me too!

SG: Well who’s the guy with you?

May: That’s Gabriel Byrne, who was an unknown actor at that time. He hadn’t even made his first movie yet…which was “Excalibur.” Other films to his credit include “The Usual Suspects”, “Miller’s Crossing, and most recently, his highly acclaimed HBO series, “In Treatment”, as a therapist.

SG: When was that? Were you dating him?

May: Oh no, we weren’t dating, we were just friends. That was around February of 1980, before John died. I had been working on something in Ireland and then I went to London and ran into him there. And I said ‘hey I know this photographer,’ and I was talking about Iain; I said ‘maybe he could do some head shots or publicity photos for you.’ So I called Iain and he came over and did some shots of Gabriel and put me in a couple of shots with him. We did this at some pub, probably close to Sloane Square in London, as Gabriel was doing a play at the Royal Court Theater nightly.

I wrote Ms. Pang to see if she could give us a lead on the video and the single. Stay tuned!

Update: Note from Stella: audio has been discovered! And apparently “Gabriel doesn’t so much sing as do an impression of Inspecteur Clouseau.” Now you can decide for yourself.

Thanks to brandnewretro for providing this!

world actors forum

Yes, it is happening. Here is what The Journal.ie has to say about it:

THE TÁNAISTE HAS revealed that significant progress has been made to the Government’s plan to bring Hollywood’s biggest stars to Ireland for a World Actors Forum in 2013.

In his progress report on last October’s Global Irish Economic Forum, Eamon Gilmore said the ‘Davos for the Arts’ event will be held next year and not in 2014 as previously reported.

Gabriel Byrne’s work as Cultural Ambassador continues to be effective.

The Ambassador with Dara O’Briain


Lots of folks are pinning up Gabriel Byrne on their boards. Byrneholics might open up a board here but not until I figure out how to do it!

And last but not least, here is the latest wallpaper to celebrate the day!

Enjoy the day and party responsibly. Better yet, party down in a “sophisticated” way!


  1. Hi Stella! I’ll be posting something Irish-related tomorrow and of course it involves our man :) LOVE the pics on the Pinterest wall… especially that b&w one at the center [swoon]

    • Cool, Ruth! I just discovered Pinterest. Got an account, but I’m not sure what to do with it yet. Obviously a lot of folks out there love Gabriel Byrne, which is cool!

      I have to say that the comments you have received for your film pitch have been stellar! :-) Congratulations to you. I wish we could make that film, I truly do!!

  2. Thanks for the informations.
    Happy St. Patrick Day to everybody.
    I will celebrate the day by seeing one of his movies on DVD, but I am not sure which one. There are so many!


  4. kyoung sung

    HI !
    I LOVE G.B so much!!
    I WANT to use YOUR PHOTO (just two photes…) on my blog’s skin?
    can i?

  5. Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014!
    It is good news that Irish Arts Center will get a new home in 2016.

    Have a nice celebration around the world, and we will have Gabriel in our thoughts today. (As usual.)

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