VIKINGS: “Raid” Premieres

A bit about Episode 4 first: Things are escalating rapidly now. Ragnar is growing in his cunning and in his understanding of the enemy–the enemy in the West and the enemy at home. The Earl begins to see the nature of the threat of Ragnar and, even though he is […]

The Abstract Made Real : The SPIDER Mega Movie Page

Our fathers seemed so big to us when we were children, didn’t they? Whether they were short and stout or tall and thin or somewhere in between, they loomed large in our lives. They might have been the source of  love, correction, understanding, or our desire to rebel. No matter–they […]

VIKINGS: “Trial” Premieres

Vikings continues its raid on viewer numbers and our television screens, with the fourth episode up next. Episode 3 turned out to be the most visually arresting so far, with lush green backdrops to the action and soaring shots of the Viking boat as it made its way home. The […]

VIKINGS Continues on St. Patrick’s Day!

Updated March 16 Robson Gundim, an artist who is a fan of Vikings, has made this special drawing of Gabriel Byrne as Earl Haraldson, in honor of Mr. Byrne and also Byrneholics! Thanks to Robson for sharing his art with us! — March 14 Ok. This is all a bit […]

VIKINGS Saga Continues + Ratings Press Release

The premiere of Vikings was an exciting, fast-paced, and information-filled introduction to the world of Ragnar and Earl Haraldson. All of the major characters made their first appearances and we experienced life in the Viking settlement, with its lively population and intriguing traditions. Ragnar’s dreams for the future were quickly […]

Byrneholics Forum is now OPEN

March 8 Update: The Forum is now OPEN! Click on the link at the top of the Byrneholics homepage to get to the Forum. Other links or bookmarks will not work–or they will take you to an old version of the Forum that does not work! There are still some […]