Thanks to the Internet Archive, we have the complete interview from The Meaning of Life, with Gay Byrne interviewing Gabriel Byrne, in 2010.

According to the Archive:

“Gay Byrne conducts a new series of interviews with public figures about their views on spirituality. Actor Gabriel Byrne discusses his struggles with depression and alcoholism.”

Please note: this video is embedded from the Internet Archive. If you have any problems viewing it, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Many thanks to Epalms17 for the heads up on the availability of this video! The Internet Archive is a treasure trove of free books, videos, and more. We are lucky to have it!






  1. Kim Serrahn

    I wish I could watch it but sadly I’m in error. So will someone kindly tell me about what was said. Thanks.

    • Do you mean the video did not work for you, Kim? What happened? The video works for me but it is very slow to stream because of my poor Internet connection.

      I’ve been thinking about creating a transcript of this, which would help of course.

  2. regina malke

    What luck – it worked perfectly for me!! Quite the old-fashioned show man, this Gay Byrne…GB like always, wonderful!!! Thanks Stella!!

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