Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Byrneholics out there! I hope there will be champagne, chocolate, lovely cards, and maybe a little something extra for you today…

In that spirit, here are four Byrne-ing Valentine’s Day wallpapers to make your computer faint!


I heart You, GB
The Definition of Valentine
To Your Heart heart


  1. Thanks for good wishes Stella, and beautifull Gabriel Valentine Wallpapers that make my screen really byrne with hotness.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody!

    • Good! Having a Byrne-ing hot computer screen on Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate, isn’t it? Just don’t let your REAL Valentine look over your shoulder…


  2. There’s also Gabriel on one of WorldIrish’s first ever batch of 12 Valentine’s Day card-things!! Xx ;)


  3. Beautiful wallpapers Stella

    • Thanks, Karen! These are tried and true wallpapers from the past. I need to make some new ones but I’m too busy keeping up with the peripatetic Mr. Byrne!

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  5. Happy Valentine to all Byrneholics in 2014.
    Maybe it is time to see Just a sigh one more time tonight?

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