May 9

We always try to do something special for Gabriel Byrne’s birthday and, as if the artwork commission announced below is not enough, here is The Birthday Video!

Click on the Settings button and upgrade the video to 720p HD and choose Full Screen for the very best effect! Otherwise, it’s kinda blurry…


After you have enjoyed the video and the stunning Paul Shipper artwork, I hope you will be inspired to send a Happy Birthday message to Gabriel: leave a comment here on this posting, visit the Facebook page and write your birthday wishes on the Birthday Video posting there, tweet him Happy Birthday on Twitter (use the hashtags #GabrielByrne and #Birthday) or do all THREE!

It would be great if we could use social media to get SOCIAL about Gabriel Byrne’s Birthday!

Oh, and here is something BIG and downloadable for your desktop to celebrate, too.


May 8

paul shipper artwork commission

I fell in love with Paul Shipper’s work when he created the alternative variant poster for All Things To All Men. He posted a detail of Gabriel Byrne from that poster and I was amazed at how beautifully he captured Mr. Byrne.

Within a few days we were tweeting one another. I purchased some prints from his cool online shop. And in another day or two I made up my mind. I commissioned an artwork by Paul Shipper in honor of Gabriel’s birthday.

My plan is to redesign the homepage at Byrneholics to include this artwork. This will happen soon, though I missed the birthday date I had originally intended.

No matter. It will be there one day. In the meantime, feast your eyes on Paul Shipper’s art and join me in celebrating the birthday (on May 12) of our favorite Irish actor/writer/activist/thinker/lovely man, Gabriel Byrne!



Please note: The version above is a small copy of the high-res commission. This is original artwork by Paul Shipper. I own it now, but only for the website and for personal use. If you share it, please credit Mr. Shipper and the Byrneholics website and note that this is for personal use only. Thanks!


  1. Kim Serrahn

    this so touched my heart. Paul you have captured his soul with this. Stella bless you for doing this. it’s hard to type through tears.

  2. Happy Birthday Gabriel ! Thank you for being in this world and making it a little better ! :-)

    Love xoxo

  3. Det.Logan

    Happy Birthday Mister Byrne!!!

    And congratulation to Stella for the “usual” hard work.

  4. Kari Elsenpeter

    Happy Birthday Mr. Byrne!! May today and always bring to you a life you want and love!!
    “Turn your face to the sun & troubles fall behind you!”
    Take Care!
    Kari Elsenpeter

  5. Kari Elsenpeter

    Thanks again for all you do for us here Stella! You do it all so well! Thanks for the wine but I don’t drink doctor’s orders.
    Take care!

  6. Wow what a fantastic birthday tribute. He’s going to love it. Many thanks Stella for such a brilliant video and a very Happy Birthday to the delicious Gabriel Byrne <3

  7. To mr. Byrne: the best of birthdays and plenty more.
    To Stella: thank you for all your efforts.

  8. “Time let me play and be
    Golden in the mercy of his means”
    -Dylan Thomas

    Bonne Fete Gabriel, From Canada, with appreciation, for your compelling work and your thoughtful advocacy. You delight, inspire and provoke.

    To Stella:Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  9. Happy Birthday! Wishing you another fulfilling, enriching, enlightening year!

  10. Happy Birthday to Gabriel!

    You are a fantastic talented actor and a great human being. Thank you for being YOU.
    Best wishes for your future and please; never stop making movies!

  11. Happy Birthday mr. Byrne
    Sempre e per sempre nel mio cuore
    (always and for ever in my heart )

  12. Trude Elisabet Wefring

    Happy Birthday to you, Gabriel. Wishing you a nice, and happy day, with many good memories. Best wishes are sent to you from the west coast of Norway.

  13. Moondreamer

    Happy Birthday, Gabriel

    May your special day be filled up with love and laughter and the whole year be as special and fruitful as you deserve it.

    Alles Gute! ♥

  14. A very Happy Birthday to you Mr Byrne, may the next year hold everything you wish for.

    To Stella, a very big thank you for all that you do. The artwork is stunning and I loved the video.

  15. Happy birthday Mr.Byrne! Thank you for an amazing year´s work !
    You are so talented and incredible human being.
    Please, never stop doing what you do!!
    Stella: I can never thank you enough. I will repeat what
    you said in your wonderful video:” Thank you for sharing your art and soul with all of us”

  16. Dear Mr Byrne, I would just like to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday.
    Thank you for being you. Thank you for the great body of work you have done in the last year.
    I hope the coming year is even better for you, in every way.
    Consider a trip “down under” (Australia). Europe is just getting too much of your attention these days, and we are quite jealous. Of course, I am very “tongue in cheek” with this comment!

  17. Mihaela Visan

    Happy Birthday, Maestro! Thank you for being both Gabriel Byrne, the hugely talented and charismatic actor, and Gabriel Byrne – the most modest and thoughtful, and the kindest man on Earth.

    Your place is on stage, on screen and in our hearts. Always has been and always will be.

    Please, receive a bouquet of flowers from the garden of my soul!

    May the tender wing of happiness protect you always in your life! May flowers be always the symbol of your beauty and tenderness, Maestro!

    Happy Birthday, Byrneholics! Thank you, Stella! Your work is a treasure for Mr. Byrne’s fans all over the world!

  18. Violet miller

    A very happy birthday to you Gabriel Byrne. What a wonderful, wonderful actor you are.

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