Updated February 24

Red Carpet interview with Gabriel Byrne and director Costa-Gavras starts at the 1:40 mark in the video below!

And here is a brief article from Independent.ie about the event.

Updated February 22

According to the folks at 98FM, who interviewed Mr. Byrne on the red carpet at the event:

“He told 98FM he’ll be working on Oscars night this Sunday and the awards don’t start til 3am here so he’ll have to catch up on the highlights the next day. So funny – when 98FM called him a Crumlin man, he corrected us fairly quickly, laughing how he is actually from Walkinstown. He said there’s a “big difference between Crumblers and Walko”.

More pictures are now available in the Gallery! Here’s a good one:

Thanks to g12_el for this great shot of Mr. Byrne
at the premiere of “Le Capital” at the Dublin International Film Festival

New Trailer

February 20

Gabriel Byrne and
JDIFF Volta Honoree Director Costa-Gavras

Independent.ie says:

Gabriel has his own Gathering for premiere of new film, Capital:  All eyes were on veteran actor Gabriel Byrne as he walks the red carpet as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival…

The star was the main attraction at this evening’s event, which saw him turn out for a screening of his film ‘Capital’ in Dublin. Byrne plays the part of an ambitious financier who is unexpectedly promoted to head a major Paris bank in the political thriller. The 62-year-old was accompanied by the movie’s director Costas Gavras to the premiere at Cineworld in the city centre…

And unfortunately, the description of Mr. Byrne’s role in the film is incorrect, but that’s okay. WE know he plays the wily and ruthless Dittmar Rigule, don’t we!?

Gabriel Byrne and
JDIFF Volta Honoree Director Costa-Gavras

According to Entertainment.ie, Gabriel will be presenting a Volta award to director Costa-Gavras at JDIFF:

Rubbing shoulders with Gabriel Byrne certainly is one way to beat the mid week slump eh? Or catching a movie premiere maybe? There’s never a dull moment at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, because there’s always something going on.

Tonight, for example, you can see our own Gabriel presenting the Volta award for career achievement to Greek/French director Costa-Gavras after a screening of his financial melodrama Capital.

We wish we were there, don’t we?

Gabriel Byrne and director Costa-Gavras being interviewed before the screening of Le Capital at JDIFF 2013

Updated February 18

Good news: This session is now SOLD OUT, according to the official festival website! I will keep my eyes peeled for a video or other information about it!

The Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF), often called the Dublin Film Fest, runs February 14 – 24. This year’s line-up is quite amazing and includes tons of international films, documentaries, Irish films, and more.

Gabriel Byrne fans will be very pleased to see that Mr. Byrne and his director, Costa-Gavras, will attend a screening of Le Capital on Wednesday, February 20. As far as I know, this is the first time the two have been together to promote and discuss this new film and it is great that they can do this in Dublin.

Here is the information from the festival’s printed schedule: (click for larger image):

I am glad they quoted Joe Leydon’s review from Variety. smile

The news that Gabriel Byrne would be attending JDIFF this year has been noted at Entertainment.ie and Irish Film and Television Network , but I do not think anyone mentioned he would be screening Le Capital with Costa-Gavras!

 Gabriel Byrne as Dittmar Rigule in “Le Capital”


  1. Kim Serrahn aka Connell

    Please God let this be shown here in the States in Dallas. Oh please oh please oh please.

  2. For those of us who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it in the cinema: the DVD is released on April 23rd.

    • DeMonk, that is great news about the DVD! Can you tell me where you saw this information? Is the DVD only being released in France? Thanks!

  3. Just looked on Amazon UK but couldn’t find it. I do hope it gets released over here too :)

  4. On the French amazon site. The language is listed as French. I really hope the English speakers have been subtitled and not translated (which usually is quite horrible, I don’t understand how the French themselves can stand it).

  5. Moondreamer

    Here is a red carpet interview. I hope this link works.


    • The link does not work for me. I get this error message:

      “Sorry, TV3 videos are no longer available to watch in your region”

      This is how you are punishing me for the Forum problem, isn’t it?


  6. Thanks Moondreamer.
    The link works fine. It is very interesting to listen to this little interview with Gabriel.

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