Updated April 8

Here is the trailer for Le temps de l’aventure. If you have not watched it, be careful. Sit down. Get a glass of something. Take a deep breath. You will be watching it repeatedly for awhile. Everyone says so!



The French premiere of Le temps de l’aventure is Wednesday, April 10. What a perfect way to celebrate Spring! We have been waiting for Gabriel Byrne to get romantic in a “light” way, as opposed to the dark and complex romance of I, Anna, for a long time and that time has now arrived.

Emmanuelle Devos is a wonderful actor, very charismatic on screen, and she has an intelligence that will be a good match for Mr. Byrne. Two smart and beautiful people fall in love with each other. What could be better? Pardon me while I faint in anticipation.


Intrepid Byrneholics French correspondent Aragarna has provided an English translation of one of the “blurbs” for this film:

Une journée. Un train. 2 inconnus. Des échanges de regard, le cœur qui bat. Le regarder partir, le perdre à tout jamais ou s’offrir au temps de l’aventure ? Et si la vie d’Alix basculait…

A day. A train. 2 strangers. Eyes meet, hearts beat. Watching him leave, losing him forever, or offering oneself to adventure? What if Alix’s life was about to change…

Ara also snapped a pic of the poster on display in the street:

Life-size Gabriel Byrne. Downloadable. Happy Spring! And thanks, Ara!

If you are fortunate enough to see this film in France, then count yourself lucky! If not, read below for information about the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of the film on April 18. It will show four times during TFF and is part of the World Narrative Competition Section. Links to promotional stills and screencaps for the film are below as well.

There is some conjecture that Gabriel Byrne will attend the festival, so stay tuned for more information!

And once again, Happy Spring! It is nice to have a bit of romance in the air, isn’t it?

Updated March 6

“Le Temps” premieres at TFF!

“Le temps de l’aventure” / “Just A Sigh” will have its international premiere at the 12th annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The festival runs April 17 – 28.


Here is the synopsis from the TFF website:

Just a Sigh (Le temps de l’aventure)
Directed and written by Jérôme Bonnell
(France) – International Premiere

In the short break between performances in Calais, stage actress Alix (the stunning Emmanuelle Devos) makes a quick escape to Paris. On the train she meets a mysterious English stranger (Gabriel Byrne) and, for the most fleeting of afternoons, imagines what the future could hold down a different road. With masterful performances by its two acclaimed stars, Just a Sigh is an imaginative, lushly filmed Parisian romance from young and versatile director Jérôme Bonnell. In English, French with subtitles.

The film is one of twelve in the World Narrative Competition Section:

“In keeping with Tribeca’s mission of nurturing dialogue between American filmmakers and their global counterparts, our competition selections embody the quality and diversity of contemporary cinema both in this country and abroad. Themes such as love, coming of age, and reinvention are relevant in all cultures and communities as these films ably demonstrate.”

Stay tuned for more information about the festival schedule, the competition jury, and confirmation of a rumor that Mr. Byrne will be attending!

And many thanks to Facebook friend Marisa for the alert on this!

March 5

Perfect timing! Spring must be here.

Now that we have experienced Mr. Byrne as a powerful and perhaps unprincipled and ruthless leader of a Viking clan in Vikings, it is time for something completely different from him.

Are we ready for Gabriel Byrne in the romantic lead role in the French film Le temps de l’aventure, also known as Just A Sigh? You know we are.

The first trailer for the film, written and directed by Jérôme Bonnell and also starring Emmanuelle Devos, is in the update at the top of this page.

The film opens in France on April 10.

French readers can find more information here and here.

More information for those of us who lack French:

Jérôme Bonnell has written and will direct his fifth feature film, Le temps de l’aventure, AKA Just A Sigh,  which will star Emmanuelle Devos and Gabriel Byrne. The screenplay follows Alix who, between two performances of a play in Calais, meets a mysterious Englishman on the train bringing her back to Paris for the day. Attracted to him, she follows him and loves him for a few hours, before confronting what could be a new life.

Produced by Edouard Weil for Rectangle Productions, Le temps de l’aventure is co-produced by France 3 Cinéma. Wild Bunch is in charge of the film’s distribution in France as well as international sales.

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to move to Ireland. Suddenly I want to live in Paris! What do you think about this film and Gabriel’s role in it?

Many thanks to our Paris correspondent, Camille, for the alert on this new trailer!

Promotional stills such as those below can be found in the Gallery. Screencaps from the trailer (1920×1080, so be careful not to blow up your computer!) are in the Gallery, too.


Trailer screencap–downloadable!


  1. WOW!!!!
    I have a close friend in France. I will visit her in May. Maybe I can see the movie in Paris then?

    It is great to see Gabriel in romantic mood in the trailer.

    • Oh Nora I hope so. That would be a great vacation treat!

      And yes, it is nice to see Gabriel in a romantic mood, particularly after all of these complicated (I, Anna and Secret State), wicked (Le Capital), and powerful/corrupt (Vikings) characters he’s been portraying–and doing a great job, too–lately.

      This film is the perfect Spring Fling!

  2. OMG. This is more like it. This looks like fantasy material. Have watched the clip about 5 times already!

  3. Just 5 times… I have seen it 15 times (yet) and I have written to my French friend to look after this movie in French papers. She lives in Nantes and I hope the movie will come to that big city. If not we have to go to Paris.

    This is disturbing material to watch….

  4. Moira O'Connell

    Sounds like “Last Tango in Paris.”

  5. Moondreamer

    Oh Lord…. Just from watching this little 2 mins trailer I know that I will absolutely *love* this film :-)

    Fantasy material… oh yes. In Germany we just say “Kopfkino” (literally: head-cinema) :-D

  6. Hey Nora, don’t worry I am rapidly catching up on number of viewings! Just had to worl a bit in the meantime. LOL

  7. The movie is expected in April over here (Brussels) too. (BIG smile)!

  8. And now the film, and Gabriel too apparently, are headed to NYC! Spring has sprung, everyone!


  9. Have just heard it is showing at the Tribeca fetival in NYC in April. If I can, I am going to go! Discussing with friends. Most of whom think I am crazy!

    • I hope you just heard about the Tribeca showing by reading this posting!

      If you go, please enjoy it for all of us who cannot get there…

      “Just A Sigh” indeed!

  10. Stella, if it was not through you and BH, it was LHL, another dedicated member of the forum!

  11. Just wanted to know if the movies; I, Anna and Le Capital will be for sale for Americans. Right now it is only on sale in UK. I am such a fan and I would love to watch all Gabriel Byrne’s movies. Please let me know if you can, thanks Care

    • As far as I know, Care, you can only acquire the UK and French versions of these films, which makes it a bit difficult for those in the USA! However, a multi-region DVD player is not expensive and might be a good investment! Thanks for visiting the site and I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this.

  12. sweetbud2

    ah, this has eased my pain about the forum and yes, it appears that multiple viewings cannot be resisted and really, WHY–delicious!

  13. Kim Serrahn


  14. T. Sidhu

    Well, it’s been a long winter in the UK, so I am hoping whenever this film heads to these shores, spring will have arrived and blow away the cobwebs and chills. It will be great to see Gabriel Byrne in a romantic role , as as mentioned in a previous posting after his recent complex roles.

    • I hear you, Kim and Tess! And I certainly do not mean to be crass, but: Mr. Byrne started something back in 2007 when he first appeared as Paul Weston in “In Treatment.” And he never finished it. So there are a lot of fans who are looking to THIS film to see him finish what he started. If you know what I mean. And I know some of you do…

      “Just A Sigh” indeed. A sigh of relief and happiness.


  15. The caption in red at the top of the poster says ” because it’s him”….The early French reviews on Allocine are very positive , and speak about the intimacy of this film…Hoping for it to be released in Canada soon.

    • Oh, I love that caption! Perfect.

      I am waiting for the DVD. Where I live, there is no movie theater! And my hope to travel to NY to see it at the Tribeca Film Festival has been dashed.

      So, I will celebrate Spring when the DVD becomes available! LOL

  16. Lucky me, it’s on in Brussels now. I’ll be watching it less than 2 hours from now.

    • DeMonk, you are so lucky!

      Come back and tell us what you think about the film, but no spoilers, please. I know everyone is excited to see this film and you will be one of the first to be able to do so!

      You lucky!

  17. Lucky me too. it’s in France right now. I may go and see it this eveming (hopefully) otherwide this weekend. I’m sur I will enjoy it a lot. Reviews are very good indeed! i’ve just listened to an interview of Emmanuelle Devos (one of my favorite French actresses) who plays Alix’s role. She says a lot of interesting things about Gabriel: how he works as an actor (totally concentrated and… modest), and how relaxed and funny he is once the shooting of the fim is over.

    • Oh, how I wish I knew French! Sigh. ;-)

      If you feel like translating any reviews for those of us in the US and elsewhere, that would be great! I am glad the response is positive; it sounds like a wonderful film and I’m dying to see it myself!

      Have fun whenever you do see it!

  18. here are a few of my favorite dialogues between Byrne (Doug) and Devos (Alix)

    1. while walking through Paris
    Doug: “What are you doing in Calais?”
    Alix:” Back to Ibsen.”
    Doug: “Some guys have all the luck. Wish I was dead and Norwegian.”



    SPOILER ALERT–YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    2. after second sex scene (on the same day!)
    Alix: “I’m pregnant.”
    Doug: “Already?”

    3. saying goodbye at the “Gare du Nord”
    Doug “We do better in another life with other gods watching over us.”

  19. Emmanuelle Devos said this about GB:
    “All those scenes with GB , my heart was beating, beating, just like in those moments when one is falling in love.” (…) The interviewer asks : Is that the GB effect? ” Gabriel, he is handsome, he is handsome ” (yes she said it twice) “its unbelievable. He has an incredible presence. He has a romantic, mysterious nature. Like out of an Emily Bronte novel.He is shy and reserved, and I think that he was very scared of the love scenes. He did relax afterwards.” – April 10
    Paris Normandie.fr

  20. I am glad Emmanuelle experienced the GB effect, that means she could/should be a devoted member of Byrneholics.
    And this is good advertisement for the movie too. Wish I could see the movie now, but our friends that have seen it must tell us about it.

    A romantic movie with Gabriel, and Spring around the corner, what could be better?
    Sighs, sighs, sighs….

    • I think we should make Emmanuelle Devos an honorary Byrneholic. What say you all? Yes?!

      I’ve loved her for years now, ever since “Read My Lips.”

      This film will bring two great actors to the screen in the service of Love, Spring, and Romance. I hear the sound of fainting across the ocean.


      Sigh indeed!

  21. “Opposite Emmanuelle Devos, Gabriel Byrne is simply perfect, all restraint, elegance, grace.”

    And in another review:
    “Gabriel Byrne pierces our hearts with his silent emotions, a furtive glance (you just have to see how the palette of feelings creeps across his face like a shadow at the start ! ) (…) We are moved by every breath they take.”

  22. Thanks for sharing, Angelle!
    This sounds like Gabriel at his very best, like in In Treatment.

  23. Thanks for the nice postings about this movie; I like your new wallpapers from the movie too; they’re very pretty

    • Thanks, Miranda. I only make wallpapers these days when something really “hits” me and this film is “hitting” me pretty hard! In a good way…


  24. I had the chance to see the movie, Gabriel plays a professor for english literature called Douglas, visiting Paris for the burial of a late female friend. As he travels by train, a woman – played by Emmanuelle Devos – falls immediately for him and follows him right to the church and then to his hotel. I don’t want to spoil your own “first view” impressions, but the film is a bit like a “Before Sunrise” for adults – very romantic and sad at the same time. Gabriel’s just great in it and has a lot of scenes I think we all will love and have waited for – just the opposite of his sinister viking chieftain. And a lot of great dialogue too (sorry Stella that I wrote too much earlier on) – I liked the film a lot and I’m going to see it again this weekend. – Hope you all will soon have to chance to.

    • Thanks for posting, Theroux. It sounds so lovely! I will post your other comment a little later, as I said, once more people have had a chance to see it.

  25. Fascinating radio interview begins with a charming clip of dialogue in English from Le Temps de l’Aventure.

  26. You’re most welcome. Happy to contribute to your site. It is fabulous, informative, professional, and fun!

  27. I’m lucky! I’ve just come back from the theater and believe me this story is far more than just a sigh. The movie is very good and not only because Gabriel and Emmanuelle (one of my favorite French actresses) play in it. Of course there is that unexpected encounter and the deep romance that comes along but most of all the movie is about life. No wonder then that you shiver, laugh, and cry for almost 2 hours… and that the lives of the two main characters may come as some reflection of your own.

  28. LIsa Chinitz

    When will the film be available in the US? or on DVD? Please tell!

  29. Any updates on a DVD release in the USA? Dying to see this movie!

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