After a flurry of Twitter activity, the first official Teaser Trailer for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters was released on August 14 at 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on both Entertainment Tonight on television and Yahoo Movies on the web (which is where most of us saw it, probably).

The music is loud, the action intense, and the players quite young. This is high school, remember, though a very different school from the one you and I attended (I hope!).

Author Richelle Mead reports on Twitter that she is pleased with the trailer and the direction the film has taken. She notes that some changes have been made, but the film is true to the book. I’ve read the book and I would say this trailer is the book on drugs. So we shall have to wait and see . . .

Here is a screencap to offer proof of what your eyes may or may not have taken in during this very energetic and quickly-paced trailer (around 0:55):


Gabriel Byrne, looking a bit pale, as Victor Dashkov. Behind bars. Smiling. This can’t be good.

Thanks to Sabine on Facebook for providing this evidence! I must have blinked. smile

Stay tuned for more Vampire Academy news as it happens!


  1. How embarrassing…! Had everything magnified 176% %¥€»££ Better to see His Nibs’ lovely face. NOW I can relax and enjoy the Byrning news I am a techno-dope!

    • Miriam, not to worry. Glad you were able to figure out the problem and fix it!

      I think we all understand magnifying things in the case of Mr. Byrne…


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