Gabriel Byrne plays Victor Dashkov in the new film Vampire Academy, based on the first book in the series by Richelle Mead.

Victor is a complicated man–in fact, he is actually not a man, but a vampire, a member of the Royal Moroi, and he is very ill.

I will not saying anything more because I really do not want to spoil this story for you.

In the new trailer, we see Mr. Byrne as Victor and Victor speaks! This is a step up from the first trailer, in which we saw Victor for all of 2 seconds. He definitely needs to see a dermatologist, but it is lovely to find him on screen at last, even looking “peaked,” as my mother used to say. heart


Lissa Dragomir (played by Lucy Fry) and Victor Dashkov (played by Gabriel Byrne)

Enjoy the trailer!

And don’t forget to mark your calendar for St. Valentine’s Day, 2014 when we will visit St. Vladimir’s Academy and meet Victor (so many V’s!)!

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  1. Although I do not like anything remotely “vampire-ish”, I braved my preconceptions and went to see Vampire Academy . To my great surprise it was actually a lot of fun, not gory at all. And of course, Gabriel is great and beguiling, as if being a vampire is the most ordinary thing in the world.
    If you would have told me I would enjoy this movie, I would have told you you were going senile. Now I’m left wondering if I am! LOL

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