According to author Richelle Mead, there is more to the new motion poster than meets our novice Vampire Academy eyes!

If you have not read the books, these symbols will not be noticeable to you. But if you have…

Ms. Mead said, in an article at Entertainment Weekly:

“The poster’s brilliant. That bold, striking art will grab newcomers’ attention, but is also laced with secrets and symbols that those who know the story will immediately recognize. I love that it’s so clean and simple at first glance but still gives a nod to all the complexities built into the book,” author Richelle Mead told EW in an exclusive statement.

So, since I have read the first book, I will decipher it for you, leaving out the one spoiler that I think you will enjoy discovering on your own:

The marks on the left side of the shield inside the circle are Guardian tattoos. These are mentioned in the first book in the series. I remember the description of the molnija and there was mention of the promise mark. Not sure about the third one.

On the right side of the shield are the elements of the Moroi. Elements can be manipulated and used by the Moroi. You can guess them if you look:  water, earth, air and fire. There is a 5th element (aha!) but I will leave you to find that on your own.

So the good vampires (Moroi) and their helpers (Guardians, or Dhampirs) are both center-stage in this poster. What about the evil vampires, the Strigoi? Someone has suggested all that blood represents them…

Oh, and here is the official “Coming Soon” logo:


July 22

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters has wrapped filming in London. Twitter has been full of information about night shoots, author Richelle Mead’s visit to the set, and individual actors sharing their thoughts about their experience. Not to mention fans swooning over every little detail. Hey, we know what that’s like, don’t we, fellow Byrneholics?!

But there has been not one word about Gabriel Byrne so far. I’ve poked and prodded as nicely as I know how, but nothing.

HOWEVER, today saw the opening of the official website and the folks at The Weinstein Company know how to get things started off properly (and a tad gruesomely, but that’s appropriate. This is a film about vampires, after all)! There is nothing else there at the moment, but we expect great things, right? [Note: the website went dark as of December 2, 2020]

The new website is good news, of course. Now we can check it every day and determine if Gabriel Byrne is really IN this movie. wink

Stay tuned for news as it happens. I am sure something promotional and bloody will pop up soon. Yikes!


  1. So the Vampire teacher (Gabriel) is not to be found in the Vampire universe?
    Maybe the Vampire schoolgirls did like their teacher so much that they just consumed all of him so there is nothing left for us?

    That would be a sad story…

    • Sad indeed! But have no fear, Nora! We have not seen Gabriel Byrne in promos for VAMPIRE ACADEMY because they are saving the best/hottest/most-thudding for last!

      I think. ;-)

      I keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue…

  2. Kim Serrahn

    Looks like a little bitty sun on the right side, but I’ll get back to you on that.

  3. Kim Serrahn

    I just read a book by Rebecca Hamilton before I knew about this series and she makes mention of the moroi and the strigoi. The book was The Forever Girl. give it a read if you have time. You can find her on twitter @InkMuse. She’s really a very nice person.

    • Thanks for this recommendation, Kim. I will give THE FOREVER GIRL a try. Currently, I am re-reading the first VAMPIRE ACADEMY book in prep for the new film. It really is a good story (with a side helping of teen angst)!

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