September 3

The RadioTimes article “Your guide to the best new and returning shows” notes that the air date for Quirke is “Autumn 2013.” You are told to “check back regularly for updated details,” so this might be a good place to visit as we wait to see the actual date the series will begin.

AIR DATE: Autumn 2013     CHANNEL: BBC1     SERIES: Mini series
Key cast: Gabriel Byrne, Colin Morgan

Amazon UK has pushed back the release date for the Quirke DVD to October 7. It is available for pre-order now.

So the good news is: Quirke still looks like an Autumn show, both on television and on DVD! There are rumors floating about that it may not air until this Spring, but for now, an Autumn showing seems to be planned.

Cross your fingers!

PS. I just finished reading Benjamin Black’s latest Quirke book, Holy Orders. It is a tour de force and a major step forward in the Quirke stories. I hope there will be a second Quirke TV series and that this book is adapted for the screen. It is a humdinger!


September 1

Here is the new BBC1 Original British Drama 2013 Trailer for Autumn. If you look closely, you will see Quirke, but just barely . . . and pardon my snarkiness, but much of this “drama” looks like “action” to me. Quirke, on the other hand, like Gabriel Byrne playing him, as John Banville said, is “the real thing.”


Still no air date set for Quirke, so stay tuned for that. Thanks to ByrneingCutie, our UK Byrneholics correspondent, for the heads up on this new BBC video!

Below the video you will find some great images provided by that renowned investigator, Det. Logan, whom we thank!

These seem to be Kindle book covers for the first three Benjamin Black books. Gabriel Byrne as Quirke. In a tux. In Dublin. Who could ask for more?




Expect more Quirke news soon. They have to land on an air date soon!


  1. I am sure that Gabriel as Quirke will be perfect.
    I have read the books and i am so glad Gabriel will be Quirke!

    Thanks for sharing book covers (they all look great) ) and the trailer.

    • Have you read HOLY ORDERS yet, Nora? We should not spoil it for anyone, but isn’t it fantastic? I was so impressed with the level of writing and plotting this time around. Now I can’t wait for the next one! ;-)

  2. DVD postponed again. Aahhh.
    PS: thanks for the new word. I had never heard ‘humdinger’ before!

    • In HOLY ORDERS, Mr. Black gives us an entirely new language (well, it was new to me) so this is a good way to get started… ;-)

  3. I have read Holy Orders some weeks ago. I will read it one more time later.
    It is very well written. I hope they will make tv episodes with Gabriel about all the Quirke books Black has written!

  4. just finished Holy Orders! Agree with Stella that Banville/Black has created a new language, a new un-genre that defies categorization . Noirish but lyrical at the same time. How does he do it? The tone in this series is remarkably subtle and poignant , but utterly devastating. I’ve read Banville’s Ancient Light and The Infinities too this year and I saw a richer language and plotting in Holy Orders that I really haven’t seen in the earlier Quirke books.

    BTW when I went to Amazon UK to order the Quirke dvd , I discovered dvds of Christopher Columbus (1985) for sale, Bonus.

    • Angelle, yes! As you say: utterly devastating. I feel as though Mr. Banville and Mr. Black are merging into a unified voice. The language is so rich and the characterization so strong and clear now. I love all of the Quirke books but HOLY ORDERS is of another “order.” ;-)

      And by language, I was actually referring to the tinker language he employs in the book (the Cant, or Shelta) but I like your interpretation better because there is something NEW about this new book. Un-genre is a great way to put it. Where will his books be shelved in libraries and bookstores now? He always says that he does not like the idea of “genre” and he thinks a good book is a good book, period. And with this new one of his, I am beginning to agree with him!

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