Gabriel Byrne, other cast members, and the directors of the individual episodes of this new BBC1 mini-series talk about Quirke in this brief video introduction to the dark and mysterious world of the troubled Dublin pathologist.

Favorite quote: “People say: ‘Oh, yes, things were simpler then,’ but actually, they weren’t. Things were just more hidden.”

Quirke is rumored to air in the UK on August 24.

Quirke from Hugo Bruckton on Vimeo.


Many thanks to Det. Logan!


  1. Fabulous! I can’t wait to see it :D
    And Gabriel … oh wow..

  2. The video is really great and really makes me want to see this series so soon as possible. I think we will learn a lot about 1950- in Dublin when we will see this.
    And Gabriel, he looks just perfect and gorgeous…

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