Among the screenings and Q&As provided by the BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals this month is our favorite Irish pathologist/detective/romantic antihero, Quirke.

Quirke is front and center at the main BBC website outlining this year’s line-up at the Festivals and Gabriel Byrne looks just like everyone thinks Quirke should look. John Banville (AKA Benjamin Black, author of the Quirke books) himself has said so!



The event is a screening of Episode 1 of the Quirke series: Christine Falls plus a Q&A panel with some of the cast and production staff:

Join cast and crew for an exclusive preview screening of Quirke: Christine Falls, an eagerly awaited 90 minute drama adapted from the novel of the same name by Benjamin Black starring Gabriel Byrne. This is a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek of the latest drama from BBC One before it screens at the end of the month as well as joining us for a Q&A session to learn more about the making of the drama.

Emma Luffingham, a BBC staffer, was tweeting about attending the preview screening and Q&A for Quirke, so I asked her if she knew who might be on the panel this time around. Sad to say, no Gabriel Byrne.



Gabriel cannot attend due to filming commitments? Our most recent news is that Louder Than Bombs begins production this Fall. What else might Mr. Byrne have on his schedule? We must wait and see. Ms. Luffingham did promise to get back to me with more information as soon as the details are firmed up and I will share this as soon as it happens, of course.


Other UK/London Tweeters mentioned that Quirke is set to air on their lucky television sets August 24!

For those of us who cannot make it to Edinburgh (which would be most of us!) and who do not live in the UK (many of us), the DVD is going to save our day.

You can pre-order the Quirke DVD at AmazonUK. The release date is set for September 9, 2013.

Here is the almost final version of the front cover of the Quirke DVD, with Gabriel Byrne :



And the back cover, with all of those interesting characters who will fill Quirke’s life with mystery, intrigue, and incredibly complicated family problems!


That’s all the Quirke news for the moment. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. It is a disappointment for all Byrneholics that Gabriel can’t come to the screening. It would have been interesting to hear him answering questions. Maybe he could send a greeting on screen to the audience there and tell how it was to work in this series as Quirke.

    When that is said I can understand that he has not time to be everywhere when he has so much work to do now. And I am really very happy that he has much to do, because that gives us so much to look forward to.

    • Yes, Nora, it is a shame Mr. Byrne cannot attend these previews. And yes, the fact that he is working so much means good stuff for us in the future!

      He only has one film in the works right now that has been confirmed (LOUDER THAN BOMBS), so I’m expecting news about NEW films any day now…he just does not stop!

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