As work continues on the last of the three episodes for Quirke, more pictures are becoming available, including official shots and behind-the-scenes pictures. Here is a collection of images and some news to go along with them. Filming is scheduled to continue into February and the series should be shown in the UK sometime later this year (perhaps in the fall). Across the pond in the United States, I expect the series to show up on PBS at some future time. And we can also hope for a quickly-released DVD. One more thought: Benjamin Black has published five Quirke books so far. Is another on its way? If it is, then we can hope for a Quirke series, Part 2! However, Mr. Black is currently writing a a new Philip Marlowe mystery (!), so let’s see what happens.

Crime Time Preview [this article is no longer available on the Internet]

Here’s Gabriel Byrne as Quirke, his leading role in the eagerly awaited BBC1 series, currently before the cameras in Ireland. The stories about a pathologist in 1950s Dublin are rich and atmospheric, but the whole series of three is just dripping with added quality. They are, of course, based on the novels of Benjamin Black (the secret identity of award-winning writer John Banville) and they’ve been adapted by Andrew Davies (Mr Selfridge, Pride and Prejudice) and Conor McPherson (The Actors). The three books that inspire these 90-minute dramas – Christine Falls, The Silver Swan and Elegy for April – promise crime stories with a lot more depth than your average procedural.

This is a hi-res downloadable image, so click on it and grab it! Then you can go somewhere and faint.

Here are two behind-the-scenes shots of Quirke and a 1950’s bus, courtesy of Des Willis on Flickr (unfortunately, his photos are all private now):



And here is pathologist Quirke in a cemetery. Not surprising…

Gabriel Byrne as Quirke, with Sara Stewart as Rose (I am reasonably sure)

RadioTimes reports:

Just hours after Colin Morgan celebrated picking up the best drama performance gong at the National Televison Awards, the BBC has released the first shot of the former Merlin star in a new role, in period drama Quirke.

Colin Morgan as Jimmy Minor in “Quirke”

Colin Morgan interview at Hypable

The Irish actor also shared his excitement for his upcoming role on the new BBC drama, Quirke.

A new crime drama, which is scheduled to air later this year, Quirke is based off of the critically acclaimed novels that take place in 1950s Dublin.

In the new series, Morgan plays crime reporter Jimmy Minor, who gets caught up in the mysterious disappearance of a family friend.

“The variety and the chance to challenge myself is exactly what I’m after all the time,” the 27-year-old said.

Morgan is doing just that by stepping into the role of Jimmy Minor.

Morgan will be starring alongside famed actor Gabriel Byrne, who plays the Dublin morgue’s chief pathologist and title character.

For more information on Quirke, read our piece on Morgan’s character and the plot of the show.


  1. Kim Serrahn

    Gosh Colin went from ugly duckling stage to swan in one fell swoop. He finally grew into his ears. Good looking kid.

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