We have been anticipating the beginning of this new History Channel series for some time and now it is here!

episode 1

Rites of Passage
Premiere Date: March 03, 2013 – 10:00-11:00PM

In 8th century Scandinavia, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is a warrior and a farmer who dreams of finding riches by bucking the tradition of raiding to the east. Ragnar has been working in secret on a project that will turn the Viking world on its head. But first Ragnar must convince the leader of his community, the powerful Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne), who is none too happy to share in the renown that this journey could bring to Ragnar if it’s successful.

Directed by: Johan Renck
Written by: Michael Hirst

Upcoming Airings:
March 03, 2013 – 11:01-12:01AM
March 04, 2013 – 02:01-03:01AM
March 04, 2013 – 03:02-04:02AM
March 04, 2013 – 11:02-12:01AM
March 05, 2013 – 03:03-04:02AM
March 05, 2013 – 10:00-10:59PM
March 06, 2013 – 02:01-03:00AM
March 09, 2013 – 11:02-12:01AM
March 10, 2013 – 04:03-05:02AM

Check out the Vikings Mega Posting for more pictures, teasers, and early reviews!

Discuss your reaction to the first episode of the show by commenting on this posting–but no spoilers, please! Or if you must, then please label your comment SPOILER and give people the heads up!



  1. Kim Serrahn

    I hope I’m home in time. I might have to stab myself in the foot just so I don’t have to work so I can watch.

  2. Do you know the premiere date for History Channel Europe?

    • Sorry, DeMonk. No, I have no idea when or where this might be showing besides in the USA. I would think the History Channel Europe website might have information and perhaps you can contact them and ask!

      I do see that the History Channel US seems to make its shows available on DVD pretty quickly, so that is something to consider.

      In the meantime, I am sorry you must be Viking-less! Be patient and perhaps they will come visit you soon…


  3. All their dvd’s are region 1 I’m afraid, no help there. Only patience will do.

  4. How was episode 1?

  5. Kim Serrahn

    Watched last night and I’m still smiling. Everyone is brilliant in it. And the writing was excellent.

  6. Moondreamer

    The first two episodes can be watched online on the History website


    If it doesn’t work in your country, try this Firefox add-on:

    It works for me in Germany. Will watch it later tonight. :-)

  7. scarlett (@gbcaramia)

    How wonderful to have Gabriel Byrne back on my TV in Vikings! It was like seeing ‘an old friend’ again….the facial expressions, the gestures, the voice. His Earl Haraldson is a wickedly good character, an interesting (and a bit evil, I suspect) antagonist in this series…. I can’t wait for next week….and the week after…..and the week after. Life is good. Gabriel is back…..

  8. You are lucky girls. I can’t see Vikings because the link does not work for me. I do not understand technical things about PC so I just have to wait and cry…

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