News about Gabriel’s next TV series and film, the Narrative 4 event, a book review, DVD releases in USA and UK, and updates at the website–it is September and things are hopping as usual!



Well, I’ve got nothing. No air date at the BBC. No new articles. Wait. Just this little bit from Jane McGrath, who has a small part in Quirke:

What can you tell us about your parts in ‘Quirke’ and ‘Amber’, which are both coming up in RTÉ’s Autumn schedule?

In ‘Quirke’, I played a young girl called Maisie, who was working in the laundries and heavily pregnant. I had a scene with Gabriel Byrne – behind bars, actually, so I wasn’t that close to him – but it was a lovely experience.

No new images. Wait! Here’s a new image. But that is all. Where is Quirke? Repeat after me: We must be patient.

There is some news about the DVD. The release date has now been set for October 7, 2013. Pre-order at if you are in the US (remember: it is Region 2) and you can also pre-order at BBC Shop Online if you are in the UK (no USA orders there). This date will probably change again, so stay alert!

gb-quirke-tiny-previewI will be there soon. Steady now!

vampire academy

Daniel Waters interview: possible spoilers ahead so be careful

Mr. Waters has penned the screenplay for the film which is based on the first of the Vampire Academy series books by Richelle Mead. In this interview over at Page to Premiere, he worries about fan reactions and he gives us a bit of a tease regarding A Certain Someone’s role in the film :

Do you ever start writing and then look for fan feedback? Are there particular moments given to you by production or even by [author] Richelle Mead that they go “this is really important to be in here” and you have kind of adjusted things. Has that happened?

Dan: Richelle is incredibly cool. Almost too cool. She didn’t prepare me for how severe the fans were going to be. I thought – okay, I passed the author of the book test, like how bad can it be from here on in? I had no idea. Richelle’s a softie. The great thing about Richelle is she’s not just the creator of the books, she’s also a huge fan. The biggest compliment that she could give was she read my script, like turning the pages and was anxious to know what happens next. I was like, “you know what happens next, you created what happens next!” But by reordering the material, by making it sort of a bullet, it became something that she got caught up in. Which I think is great. It’s the little things, like the shopping scene in the book comes before the ankle scene in the book and in my script, the ankle scene comes before the shopping scene. But don’t go crazy, just be happy I have got an ankle scene and a shopping scene in there! On that level I am being very faithful, but if I reorient it a little bit, don’t get mad at me.


When you read the book for the first time, was there a part in the book that you thought would be awesome on screen?

Dan: Well I can speak in code to you guys as opposed to Vampire Academy virgins. There is a certain scene with a certain person and a certain younger person in the jail cell towards the end, where a lot of things come together. I think that is my favorite scene, because it’s where the mystery elements and the thriller elements and the high school elements kind of all come together in a way that I think is fantastic. And I know that there was a great job in the filming of it too. Whatever anger people have about liberties that I may have taken earlier on they are going to be healed by that.

gb-victordashkov-vampire-academy-by-SarahRUntil official promo stills arrive, we will enjoy SarahR’s homage to Victor

I have read the first book and I enjoyed it a lot. I am not one for Young Adult fiction usually, but I found the story compelling and the characters intriguing. I re-read the section of the book to which Mr. Waters refers and it is clear to me that A Certain Someone is going to bring this film and the story to the next level. And so he should: he has the requisite gravitas needed to add depth to the story plus he can portray a conflicted and complex man, even a vampire, with such realism that you believe even the most “out-there” plots. I am very glad Mr. Waters shared this with us. Now I am excited to see the film! What about you?

Emma Vieceli: My Vampire Academy Set Visit

Ms. Vieceli is an artist who has created the graphic novels of Richelle Mead’s series. She visited the film set and here is an excerpt from her report. She was very nice to share this with everyone. And yes, she met Gabriel Byrne!

Likewise, the frail and tired Victor Dashkov became the very affable and charming Gabriel Byrne once the cameras were off. As well as, along with the quite stunningly beautiful Olga Kurylenko, being remarkably easy to talk to, he also offered me the line that I would really take away with me that day. While I enthused about how incredible I found the whole experience of the shoot, and geeked out about the admiration I had for them all, he flipped through the pages of the Frostbite graphic novel with interest and exclaimed in answer, “Yes, but I couldn’t make a comic book.”


Author Richelle Mead tweeted:

@RichelleMead 5 Sep  I’m more than a little jealous she got to meet Gabriel Byrne. He was done filming when I visited in July but sounds like such a gentleman!

It seems pretty clear that no one knows they are dealing with the former Cultural Ambassador for Ireland!

I searched through Ms. Vieceli’s Tumblr for a picture of Victor Dashkov but could not find one. Be sure to take a look at her Tumblr, though. She has a lot of fun sharing her ideas and artwork samples there. To give you an idea of her work, here is a quick drawing she made when the new film was announced:

emma-vieceli-vamovie-sketchVampire Academy official release date is February 14, 2014.

narrative 4

Selected Shorts: How to Be a Man with Colum McCann, Gabriel Byrne, and friends, November 6 in New York City

Mark your calendars! BUY TICKETS NOW!

Colum McCann is joined by Gabriel Byrne, Terry Tempest Williams, and Luis Alberto Urrea and others in presenting stories from the new collection The Book of Men, which includes the work of more than 80 terrific writers from all over the world, curated by McCann, Esquire, and the new literary organization Narrative 4. Hosted by BD Wong.

Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space
Wed, Nov 6, 2013 7:30pm

New graphics and promotional materials for this event are on the way, so stay tuned. In the meantime: GO. GET. TICKETS. And read Colum McCann’s new book, Transatlantic, too!

And the amazing B. D. Wong is hosting!? That is so cool. I saw him in his stage debut on Broadway in M. Butterfly back in 198—oh never mind. But he was amazing then and he is amazing now.

Remember this picture? Here is your chance to meet the two gentlemen in the middle! And B. D. Wong too!

Narrative4-LaunchParty-20130531-NYC-01Authors Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Byrne, Colum McCann, and unknown person (sorry!)

book review

Gabriel Byrne interviewed Fred Waitzkin, author of The Dream Merchant, in Cambridge, Mass. recently. Head over to the posting and watch the video!


All these Gabriel Byrne book reviews are leading to speculation that our favorite actor is working on Part 2 of his autobiography. Cross your fingers, everyone. It makes typing difficult, I know, but we really want to read Part 2! smile

DVD news

All Things To All Men, AKA The Deadly Game

Finally. Here is our chance to see Gabriel in all of his powerful evil glory! No, not Vikings. The DVD of All Things To All Men, now called The Deadly Game just to confuse us, will be released on December 26 (I know, the day AFTER Christmas?) and you can pre-order it at Amazon UK now. Be reminded that this is a Region 2 DVD and you will need a computer or a multi-region player if you are in the USA.

Here’s the trailer to refresh your memory. Warning: cashmere coat hotness!

Vikings, Season One

Ok. NOW here is your chance in the UK to see Gabriel in all of his powerful evil glory, in Blu-Ray and DVD, as Earl Haraldson in Vikings. Release date is February 17, 2014.

Pre-order the Blu-Ray or the DVD (or both!) at Amazon UK.

The USA gets Vikings earlier, on October 15, 2013. Pre-order the Blu-Ray or the DVD (or both!) at Amazon USA.

Team Earl Forever!

Thanks to DeMonk and Pio231 for the DVD news!

vikings-teaser-screencaps-14And don’t say one word about that mustache, ok?

Byrneholics News

Website, Forum, and Gallery Updates + Guest Review by Magalie


Over the past few weeks, I have been engaged in a clean-up project here at Byrneholics. The move to the latest version of WordPress broke some of the older postings, so I’ve been fixing them, one by one, re-inserting lost images, adding tags so you can find things more easily, and generally cleaning house. I urge you to take a look at some of the older postings here at the website. There are many that may surprise and interest you.

Go to the About tab at the top of the page and in the drop down menu you will see Archives. These archived postings are arranged by month and year. You will also find Tags on the Archives page. You can click on a tag that interests you and a list of postings will come up. Go hunting and see what you might find.

I had a blast going through the older stuff and being reminded of some of Mr. Byrne’s activities that were not about film or television: Listowel Writer’s Week in 2009, Poetry and the Creative Mind in 2010, Gabriel’s speech at Gateway Ireland: Connecting the Dots, all of the Cultural Ambassador postings, and other gems.

Of course, there are tons of postings about his films, In Treatment, and all of his screen work as well. If you are looking for something specific, just type the term in the Search Box and see what comes up. There are over 400 postings covering the past 5 years. Any way you want to explore the website is fine–I think you will be surprised by the cool Byrne stuff you will discover!

And speaking of the website, guess what?! The New York Times linked to us! How cool is that?

In their article “20 Directors to Watch,” Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott, film critics for The New York Times, included Joachim Trier in their list. And they noted that funding for his first English language film, Louder Than Bombs, had fallen through. And they linked to my article (which I prepared with the help of a bunch of Byrneholics!) about it.

How did I know this? The new statistics I’ve turned on for the website show me who is linking here and that day I saw lots of people coming from the NYT article. So I checked it out and learned why.

On days like that, I love the web, don’t you?


Many thanks to that brilliant Byrne-ing artist Aragarna for spiffing up the Forum with her absolutely gorgeous new banners! Here is a sample. If you are not a member of the Forum, see what you are missing?!



The Gallery has been updated with new images for films–117 screencaps for Le Capital and 251 screencaps for Le temps de l’aventure/Just A Sigh, plus posters and promotional stills for both.

New photoshoots from photographers Charlie Gray and Paul Stuart (caution: mustache!) have also been added. Thanks to Det. Logan for locating these great shoots!


Magalie Review of Just A Sigh/Le temps de l’aventure

Magalie is a new Byrneholic and she has a lot to say about her very first Gabriel Byrne film: Le temps de l’aventure/Just A Sigh.

I invited her to share her review and her beautiful images from the film here at the website and she agreed. I think you will enjoy her take on this amazing and heart-breaking film, but you should beware of spoilers!

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Magalie, and welcome to Byrneholics!

gb-justasigh-by-Magalie-RuffinA sample of Magalie’s artwork

I, Anna Mega Movie Page in the works

Now that the website is all beautified, I am finally developing the I, Anna MM page. I cannot promise when it will be ready because I am completely distracted, reading all of the reviews and going through the images. I love this film so much! So, in the meantime, you can read The Longest Posting Ever about the film and also my review I, Anna: Two Souls Lost in a Brutalist World.



Wow. You made it to the end. This is just for you:

gb-charliegray-2013-02Photo by Charlie Gray. Thanks to Det. Logan for this lovely pic!

And that’s all the Byrne-ing News for now. Stay tuned!


  1. Stella, we really don’t need a bribe at the end, but it is oh so appreciated.

    • The B-News did seem rather long and wordy–even wordier than usual. Glad you like the “reward.” I would have loved to have been at that photoshoot. What WERE they talking about? If this were Twitter I would add the hashtag #flyonthewall . Ha ha.

  2. Always enjoy the articles and pics, but having trouble…font size HUGE, can’t navigate to continuation of articles. Is it my new phone’s settings??

    • Hi, Miriam. Sorry you are having trouble viewing the website on your phone. One of the reasons I moved the site to this new theme is because the theme is “responsive,” meaning it re-sizes the display depending on the device–computer screen, iPad or tablet, and mobile phone.

      On my Android phone, each posting is one long document. I just scroll down and keep reading, the same as on my computer screen.

      So, if you can change the settings on your phone, I guess that would be the next step for you to try. I have not had any other reports of problems so far.

      Good luck and let me know what happens, ok?

      Thanks. Stella

  3. It so many nice things to find about Gabriel here so it is like a long list of birthday presents.

    The Gray photo of Gabriel is stunning.

    So thanks for all of it!

    • You are welcome, Nora!

      The Byrne-ing News is always fun to compile.

      And you can see more Charlie Gray pictures in the Gallery, in the Photoshoots Album. It was a great session!


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