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And the new life begins…

Gabriel Byrne and his wife, Hannah Beth King (King-Byrne? Byrne? No idea yet!), enjoyed a coffee in Dublin and made headlines. wink

Independent.ie August 19, 2014:

Both were proudly sporting their gold wedding bands as they gazed lovingly at each other outside Blazing Salads on Dublin’s Drury Street.

And here they are:

gb-hbk-dublin-20140818-01No, Lady, the dog, does not drink coffee!

gb-hbk-dublin-20140818-02And Gabriel drinks tea. Oh, and rings!

gb-hbk-dublin-20140818-03Lunch, perhaps?

Mr. Byrne has popped up on Twitter and Instagram in various pictures taken in Cork over the past days, but the pics above are the first images of the happy couple in public.




No pics from the wedding as of yet and, if we know Mr. Byrne, there will not be any pictures of the wedding. So enjoy what there is and be happy for the newlyweds!

August 6

BreakingNews.ie broke the news:

Our very own Gabriel Byrne has married his long term partner Hannah Beth King in a secret ceremony in Cork two days ago.

And we missed it!

Gabriel and Hannah tied the knot in Ballymaloe House on Monday.

Twitter is all aflutter with the news! And I can guarantee that Byrneholics around the world are careening from tears of joy to sobs of sorrow! wink


There are no official pictures of the event yet, but once they surface (the pictures, not the happy couple!), you will see them here, I promise.

In the meantime, longtime friend and colleague Gerard Mannix Flynn had this to say:

The actor’s friend, politician Mannix Flynn, was first to publicly congratulate the couple.

“I want to congratulate both of them and wish many years of great togetherness and happiness, that’s fantastic news,” Mr Flynn told Liveline on RTE Radio one.

“It gives you a confidence in the institution of marriage and the institution of commitment to each other. That’s a very strong statement to each other and they did it in a great place. It’s a fantastic location for anybody to tie the knot so to speak.”

The ceremony took place at the historic Ballymaloe House in Cork, Ireland and reports are that the event was “fabulous.”

ballymaloe-house-cork-irelandBallymaloe House

I am personally pleased as punch to see them take this important step into their future together. I was married for many years and I can highly recommend it!

Please share your wishes and thoughts for Gabriel and Hannah at this wonderful time in the Comments!


  1. Many many congratulations to Gabriel and Hannah! They make a lovely couple and I wish them many years of happiness.
    What a gorgeous venue!
    Now I want to know two things:
    What did her dress look like?
    Did my invite get lost in the post? LOL!!!!

  2. Congratulations to them! :-)

  3. Moondreamer

    Finally! :-D

    Big congrats Gabriel and Hannah on your wedding! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. ♥

    Sabine / Moondreamer

  4. WOW
    this is a GREAT notice!
    Congratulations to Gabriel and Hannah.
    I wish them a life of happiness and love.

  5. Congratulations to the happy couple!!!

  6. What a wonderful new !! I wish Mr.Byrne and his beautiful
    wife all the happiness and love. He deserves to be happy !!!

  7. Congratulations to the newlyweds. May you live long and prosper!

  8. Louise Simmons

    To find a soulmate these days is rare but clearly this lovely man has done so with Miss Hannah, Mrs. Byrne now, and may every happiness come their way.

  9. Congratulations!

    I wish Gabriel and Hannah a long and happy life together.

    I hope Gabriel will continue to work as much in the future as has done in the past. He is such a talented man in many ways.

  10. Wishing them every happiness!

  11. Byrneperfection(Sarah R)

    First off, o’ course much congrats to Gabriel and Hannah still. Though a) I knew it was gonna happen sometime soon. And some things I want to know: Did Gabriel change his ring around and everything? – Must see a new pic of Gabriel soon. Yes like Karen, what did Hannah’s dress look like? and Hmm, and ah yes the kiss….I can’t help it but want to see a picture or two of them kissing :p

  12. I like the dog!

  13. Sarah R(Byrneperfection)

    Lol Stella, love your captions with the pics! Nice to know you like your dogs bigger than Lady, while mine, well my main dog Rosie my Pomeranian is in the same sized category as Lady XD. I also have a MinPin(he’s small but just a tall dude->.> well he’s taller than my Pom) and I have a Scottish Terrier. My Pom and MinPin had no flyers posted of them or calls, and no hidden tags-we found them on the street dirty and whatnot. My Scottish Terrier is from the ASPCA-she’s got a yellow microchip ID tag like Lady. Hmm, I’m almost wondering if that yellow ID tag is like a standard issue thing. XD

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