It’s a wrap!

At his Facebook page, director Joachim Trier announced on October 26 that Louder Than Bombs had wrapped filming in New York City. And he included this image to celebrate.

We do wonder a bit what might be IN this flask, but whether it is whiskey, acquavit, or grappa, we toast Mr. Trier and his crew–and his cast, of course!


[Update, May 2016: Mr. Trier is a big film fan. There was a 2014 video in which he talks about his five favorite films and chooses one of MY top films: Don’t Look Now, directed by Nicholas Roeg and released in 1973, a forgotten masterpiece. Unfortunately, that video is no longer available.

However, in the rush of interviews surrounding the release of Louder Than Bombs in April 2016, Mr. Trier picked 10 Favorite Films for his interview with The Film Stage. These are different films, of course, because two years has passed, but instructive, nevertheless. Enjoy!–Stella]

Amy Ryan, who co-stars in Louder Than Bombs, was interviewed by The New York Times in an article published on October 31. Away From ‘The Office,’ and the Drama takes a look at Ms. Ryan when she is enjoying a happy Sunday off with her husband and her daughter, which includes tea, bagels, and the local Brooklyn park:

LAUNDRY, TV Then it’s just winding down because school’s the next morning. I’ll put laundry in so everything’s ready to go for the week. Once we get her to bed, it’s “Can we stay awake long enough to watch a movie?” If we can’t, we just watch Rachel Maddow. She’s like a dog with a bone. She’s smart, she’s fast. I like her. I like Turner Classics. We do Netflix, but honestly, I am so far behind. I’ve never seen “Orange Is the New Black.” I haven’t seen “Homeland” yet. I feel out of the conversational loop.

Well, you have to watch Orange Is the New Black, Amy! But you should take off an entire Sunday and binge watch it because it is truly addictive! wink

Remember Ms. Ryan as Adele in In Treatment?
Remember Ms. Ryan as Adele in In Treatment?

Louder Than Bombs is in post-production now, with a release set for sometime in 2015. I hope you enjoyed the tidbits in this posting because that is all the news there is at the moment! Stay tuned for real news soon.

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