The film we have been anticipating for so long is now becoming a reality!

According to The Queens Courier (of the borough of Queens, New York), set preparation has begun for Louder Than Bombs in an area of the borough called Bayside, with filming expected to begin in September. The article also notes:

The plot of “Louder Than Bombs” doesn’t take place in Queens but the crew plan on using two locations in the area, according to a spokeswoman for the crew. The first is in the inn on Northern Boulevard and the second is at a residential corner on 215th Place and 38th Avenue.

Here’s a shot of the street, just to provide some tangible proof:


Photo by Eric Jankiewicz of the Queens Courier

For more information about the film, be sure to check out these Byrneholics articles.

Let the anticipation REALLY begin! And if there are any Byrneholics in Queens, NOW is your chance! smile

Here is a recent interview from Indiewire with Isabelle Huppert, who is currently on stage in New York City with Cate Blanchett in The Maids:

What attracts you to complex characters?

What draws me into a character is mainly, at first, the encounter with the director. For me, the essential part of the process is this meeting with the director, this relationship with the director. And then comes the script, and then comes the character. But, mainly with the character, it’s hard to tell what draws me in. I don’t know; when I read a script, something resonates with me. I see myself in the role, or I don’t see myself in the role. It’s almost like something is growing inside of me. And, if I don’t have a vision of myself in the role, I can’t go for it. I can’t take it. But, if I do, then I take it. And, of course yes, as you said, I do mostly complex characters. But, I don’t think these characters are purely defined by their complexity. Maybe I put that depth and that complexity in the character, also. I think you can put complexity in any character, actually. And, it’s interesting when you play a very complex character to try to go behind the surface and legitimize this perversity or these very sharpened angles to the character, to make the character both clearer and more difficult to understand. The more you dig into a character, the more you literally extend him between these two extremes: clarity and darkness. And, I think it’s a general statement you can make about mankind, most of the time. Most of the time, behavior is clear but so complex. So complex. And this is what I am interested in most in a character…

And, how long are you in New York for?

I’m going to be in New York a certain time, because right after I finish the play I am going to begin work with a Norwegian director named Joachim Trier who did a wonderful film called “Oslo, August 31.”

I love that film. I look forward to that. It sounds like another wonderful partnership.


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  1. Emmannuelle Devos, Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Huppert!
    What a beautiful bouquet of talented French actresses, all working with our
    favorite Irishman!

    And now it is finally time for Huppert and Byrne to start working!

    I am looking forward very much to Louder than bombs, and as a Norwegian I love the fact that the talented director Joachim Trier is Norwegian.

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