It’s still a bit dark, but the Byrneholics Gallery is sporting a beautiful brand-new header and template, thanks to Never Enough Design.

As I work on the redesign for the main site, which should go live in October, I will also be working on lightening this Gallery up a bit.

In the meantime, head over to the Gallery and enjoy the new look and all of the Byrne-ing pics!



New header and design by Never Enough Design–great job and really fast, too! smile


  1. Very modern and beautiful design. Even adapts to Dutch in places. Impressive!

    • Glad you like it, DeMonk!

      I am investigating WPML, a translation feature, for the new main site design I am working on. Then Byrneholics Online will be truly international!


  2. The new design looks very beautiful and elegant. When I see it I want to go inside the Gabriel photo world and stay there for a looooooooong time.

    Thanks for creating it!

  3. Love the new design Stella. Looks very classy.

  4. Thanks for your positive comments! Much appreciated! :-)

  5. Simply Anonymous

    Hello, I have checked out your amazing and thorough site off and on since the fall of ’13. It was then that I was struck by him and it happened in just a split second. I have seen him in movies over the years and I always thought he did such a good job. He is very talented and versatile, he seems like a very nice, likable man and he has a very pleasing voice as well. But I am struck by him because of who he is the person not what he does for a living. He has so many wonderful qualities and that is why I like him so much and why I admire him a great deal. It doesn’t matter what my name is, who I am or what I look like. So I hope that it is alright to share this with all of you, I wrote a poem about him back in December ’13 just two days before Christmas. I wrote it about him and just for him and it is simply just about what I think of him and how I feel about him. And here it is:

    Eyes Of Blue.

    I see you so clearly from pictures in my head.
    We have never met so I fantasize instead.
    I endlessly await for the day you and I will finally meet.
    Is it chance or is it fate?
    I see you, I can hear my hear beat.
    I hope someday you and I.
    Will look up with just a sigh.
    And there you will be.
    And then you will see me.
    And I will see you.
    For the very first time.
    Through those beautiful, Eyes Of Blue.
    If only you were really mine.
    I pray that finally you will realize.
    That you have finally found the one.
    When you look into my green eyes.
    Because I wish so much that you could be my one.
    When I look into your eyes.
    I see everything.
    They tell no lies.
    From all of life that you have seen.
    People have taken you for granted.
    Because they fail to see that you are just a human being.
    The eyes are the window to the soul.
    I look into your window.
    And you are so beautiful.
    Anyone can see that and that is what I see.
    When I look into your amazing Eyes Of Blue.
    I hope someday that we can actually be.
    If only my dream one day could come true.
    The End.

    For Gabriel James Byrne.

    Written By: Simply Anonymous

    Thank you for your time, good night.

  6. Adora Winters

    The new gallery design looks very dark and mysterious but at the same time state of the art. You have done a really great job, keep up the good work!

  7. Thank you to Simply (Anonymous) for sharing your poem with us.

    It is always very nice to see that Gabriel Byrne gives inspiration to people to write or to do things. Maybe we should have a thread inside forum with the name Poems about Gabriel? Then we all could try to write in a poetic way what Gabriel means to us. And some day we could publish “Gabriel Poetry Book” here in Byrneholics?

  8. I wrote a little poem now as an example.


    I see your face.
    I hear your voice.
    I listen to your words.

    You give me inspiration.
    You put a smile on my face.


    Thank you!


    Nora from Norway

  9. Simply Anonymous

    Hello Nora, you are so welcome and yes he does inspire me a lot. You have come up with a wonderful idea about the thread inside forum with the name Poems about Gabriel. Actually you have come up with 2 wonderful ideas about writing in a poetic way what Gabriel means to us and someday having a “Gabriel Poetry Book” published here in Byrneholics. When I posted my poem about Gabriel here I wondered if there was already a section on the forum where poems and so on could be submitted and posted about and for him. I think it is a very lovely idea and it is very touching, I wish it may. Have a great Friday! And thanks again.

  10. Hi again Simply!
    You should register yourself and go inside the forum. Then we could write more there in different threads. You can call yourself Simply or whatever you want there.

    Hope you will do that!

  11. Simply Anonymous

    Hi again Nora, thank you for suggesting to register to go inside the forum. I appreciate it a lot, its not like I haven’t thought of it before. But I have yet to get myself to do so. It would be wonderful to go there and write in different threads. I really do feel welcome here especially when you said that I could call myself Simply or whatever I want there, thank you. I would really like to do that and I hope to when I have some free time which should be sometime soon. Have a great weekend! And thanks again.

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