Ah, the perfect remedy for your summertime doldrums. smile

By a bit of magic and the ceaseless typing of yours truly, there are now 412 Gabriel Byrne wallpapers in the Gallery. Whew!

Once you head out to the link above, you will find yourself awash in portraits, musings, poetry, art, and–of course–the Byrne-ing goodness that only Mr. Byrne can provide.

You can download them to your computer or, even better, you can set them as your desktop background by right-clicking on the Large gallery image. Then you have more options, such as choosing just how you want the image to display on your desktop (Center, Tile, Stretch, Fill, Fit). You can also pick a background color to go along with the wallpaper, just in case you’ve decided on one that is not as big as your screen.

Yes, I am sure there are hours of wallpapery entertainment in your future!

Most of these wallpapers are mine and they represent over 6 years of fascination (okay, obsession) with the man: his face, his eyes, his words, his being. I hope you will enjoy them.

I don’t make wallpapers much these days, but here are a few more recent ones:

Red Anarchy
Red Anarchy
Wish Come True
Wish Come True
Ghost Town
Ghost Town

No thanks necessary. I am very pleased to enable you, believe me.



  1. megustagabriel

    On the contrary. I think thank you IS necessary because you made a great work, not easy at all, so we have to recognize that.
    Besides, personally I like very much your sincerity: “represent over 6 years of fascination (okay, obsession) “, because that obsession is shared now with many Fans, old and new ones.
    Thank you Stella, you are an artist :-D

  2. “Borrowed” a nice one for my new computer. Thank you.

  3. Your wallpapers are like a book filled with pages with treasures on every page.
    Thank you for creating them and sharing them with everybody Stella.

    You are a true artist!

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