Gabriel Byrne has been a vocal supporter of the work of the Irish Hospice Foundation in Ireland for some time now.

He participated in this program, Way to Go: Death and the Irish, which aired in Ireland on July 1, and shared his thoughts on death, dying, and end-of-life care.

The Irish Hospice Foundation shared the video of the complete program on YouTube and we thank them for it!


The Irish Hospice Foundation is on Twitter at @IrishHospice and their website includes information about the project Mr. Byrne has been advocating: Design and Dignity.


waytogo-01 waytogo-02 waytogo-03


  1. I find it very difficult to talk about death. I admire people who do that. We need that kind of people.

  2. Hi Stella!

    Yay, that’s good news! I asked RTE for it, but I guess this is the solution. Great! I think you might guess why I’m happy with the program… #book ‘So, you’re an orphan now’.
    Way to go, RTE! :-)


  3. After I have seen the program I will say that Gabriel talks more about life than about death in this program…

    But it is right to say that when we think more about death then we also think more about how to appreciate life when we have it. (Orphans or not)

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