@ByrneingCutie (AKA Karen) tweeted her reactions to Episode Two of Quirke, entitled The Silver Swan, last night and here is her Twitter stream for you to enjoy!

The third and final episode of Quirke, Elegy for April, airs in the UK this Sunday, June 8. I have seen it and I can tell you it is my favorite of the three, due in part to the writing but also because of the story itself, which I found compelling. In addition, we now know the characters better. We have an understanding of the setting and the time. And someone has fixed the sound problems! So, all in all, this last episode will be a treat, I promise.

Enjoy Karen’s tweets for The Silver Swan and be on the lookout for her last live-tweet session early next week! Many thanks, Karen!






Gabriel Byrne as Quirke and Geraldine Somerville as Sarah Griffin





Aisling Franciosi as Phoebe
Aisling Franciosi as Phoebe





Gabriel Byrne as Quirke
Gabriel Byrne as Quirke


quirke-promo-50Whew! Just one more to go. Stick with me!


  1. Kim Serrahn

    Leslie White was very creepy but I found that the “Dr”/ photographer was also very creepy. Now day we think nothing of what he did but back then it was a nasty obscene thing. Malachi (Nick Dunning) was also very good this time and I was sad that he had to be kicked in the teeth so hard. Phoebe’s character was fleshed out as well and we see her growing.
    As always Karen a bang up job tweeting for everyone. Hazzah.

  2. Thank you Kim :) twas my pleasure

  3. Great comments Karen. Looking forward to the next one.


  4. Thanks for tweeting Karen!
    It sounds great.

    We need Quirke to tell us about Dublin in the 1950s.

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