Thank goodness @ByrneingCutie remembered she had promised, oh so long ago, to live-tweet Quirke once it made its way to the shores of Britain! I held her to that promise and she willingly obliged. Thank you, Karen!!

Below you will find her Twitter Stream from last night’s premiere of Quirke, Episode 1: Christine Falls on BBC One in the UK. I only deleted one tweet due to spoilers. Otherwise, this is her unedited reaction to the show, to noir Dublin, to our man of the hour, Gabriel Byrne, and to the plot as it developed over 1 1/2 hours of what apparently included much darkness and terrible sound quality!

At her own blog “Early Rising Mom,” Karen teases us about future live-tweets for Quirke, so be sure to drop by and check it out.

Enjoy Karen’s thoughts and please leave a comment. Did you see Quirke? Are you pining away in the US, waiting to see Quirke? Are you waiting, as am I, for that special Quirke DVD to show up in your mailbox? Tell us how you FEEL about Quirke! smile


And here we go!









BBC Crime thriller Quirke filmed in Dublin















Gabriel Byrne as Quirke
Gabriel Byrne as Quirke


I am working up another Twitter posting of reactions from people in the UK to last night’s show. Stay tuned!


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  2. I watched eagerly but I was very glad to have read the book beforehand because the pace of the action was sometimes bemusing. (Or my attention slipped because it had been a very, very long day). But I loved the gentle pace, the perfect settings, the oppressing atmosphere, and Gabriel is perfect. Oh my, those blue eyes…

  3. It is so nice to read the tweets.
    I have ordered the DVD’s and I am waiting for them.
    They have not showed Quirke on Norwegain tv yet.

    I have read all the Quirke books. I liked them!

    Thank you very much for the tweets!

  4. Didn’t Karen do a great job with her live-tweets for the first episode? I’m looking forward to more from her as she has time…


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