By now you will have noticed a lot of changes here at Byrneholics!

Most of these changes are cosmetic: new BIG header images, new sections for postings, etc. There are some changes I would like to draw to your attention, though.

1. The new header images are the largest I’ve ever made. And you will notice a small black arrow icon in the lower left corner. Click on it and a section opens up that invites you to check out the Mega Movie Pages, visit the Gallery, and join us in the Forum. Sneaky, right? It’s a fun feature included in the theme design and offers us more pics of Mr. Byrne, always a good thing! wink

2. Latest Projects: The first main section on the homepage is for postings about Gabriel Byrne’s new projects. If you want to know more about his current film and television activities, then Latest Projects is the place for you.

3. Latest News: The second main section is for general news postings, interesting tidbits, and other information not Project related. That’s where you found this posting, right? wink So keep an eye out here for appearances by Mr. Byrne, the latest news about him, the website, and anything else Byrne-related.

4. Gallery: A lot of work has been going on at the Gallery, so it has its own section now, too. Check here for latest additions to the Gallery, news about the Gallery’s design, wallpapers, and anything else related to images.

5. Videos: At the bottom of the homepage, you will find a section devoted to Videos. Click on a thumbnail image to open up in the video in the box above the list of videos. You can watch the video on this page or expand it to full-screen size or even head over to YouTube to watch it. Whatever makes you happiest!

6. In the right sidebar are the usual suspects: Socialize buttons, including a new Contact Us button; Subscribe, which allows you to sign up for alerts; a link to the Event Calendar; Recent Comments; and finally, Byrne-ing Tweets.


The overall design includes more readable fonts and white spacing, which makes reading easier. And those BIG headers at the top of the homepage will rotate as you refresh the page, so be prepared to see different images of Mr. Byrne from photoshoots and from his films and television shows.

The theme has been created by Anariel Design and they did a great job! I contacted them last summer and made the case for a “fan”-oriented theme and they came through with flying colors!

The redesign project was supported by Nenad, who provides technology skills and experience that go waaaay beyond anything I can do alone. So THANK YOU, Nenad!

I hope you enjoy this new design, which I have been thinking about for a long time. And now it is done–just in the time for the Holidays!



  1. Many thanks to Byrneholics everywhere for your kind comments and support over these last 2 weeks!
    I hope you will enjoy the new site!


  2. Congratulations with the new Byrneholics website.
    It looks great and it is tempting to use all the day to explore the new possibilities.
    I love the Big beautiful photo(s) of Gabriel on top of the pages.

    Thank you very much to Stella and Nenad and everybody that have contributed to this.
    It must have been much hard work.

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