Over the next few days, I will be implementing the new design for the Byrneholics website.

With the help of my technology guru, Nenad, things should go pretty smoothly, but be prepared for strange-looking images while I get them re-sized.

I hope you will enjoy the new design, which gives me a more efficient way to present information to you. The content has not changed. The display will change a LOT!

Thanks as always for your patience while I work to make Byrneholics Online a fun place to learn and talk about the amazing Gabriel Byrne!




  1. Go Stella Go. Looking forward to the new design.

  2. Good luck with the new design.
    I am looking forward to see it even if I also like the “old one” very much.

  3. megustagabriel

    Good work Stella and be sure the new design will be succesful :-)

  4. megustagabriel

    Just one thing Stella.
    You put: Just a LITTLE intoxicated by Gabriel but I don’t agree at all. We are VERY intoxicated by him LOL
    Sorry the disagreement :-D

  5. My Oh My Oh My….Everytime I open BH today to check on your progress, I am greeted with a stunning image that fills the screen. First it was from Secret State, then Le Temps de l’Aventure, and just now , D’Artagnan…Don’t know if I can take much more Stella. I already have a cold , but now I’m developing a fever…

    Angelle from Canada

  6. The new design is great.
    And the different photos of Gabriel on the top of the front page are all gorgeous. It is difficult to concentrate when I see them. (Him!)

    He is really a gorgeous man!

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