Heart-felt. Eloquent. Impassioned. These are some of the words Tweeters used to describe Gabriel Byrne as he spoke at A Noble Call for Marriage Equality, an event held at the Abbey Theater in Dublin on Tuesday, May 13.

We are not surprised. It was lovely to see him at a podium again. It seems such a natural environment for him, and rightly so, with his experience as a teacher and educator. And the audience responded to his words, as always.

Here you will find some of the images published on Twitter and elsewhere (thanks to Eric Luke for his two contributions!) during and after the event, as well as three videos and an explanation of the Noble Call.

If you look at the bottom of the homepage sometime, you will see a description of the Byrneholics website. The website is dedicated to this multi-hyphenate man: the actor, writer, producer, director, and activist GABRIEL BYRNE.

On this day in Dublin, we saw and heard the activist. In a few days, at the Festival de Cannes, we will see the actor.

No matter which hat he wears, he is always heart-felt, eloquent, and impassioned. And we thank him for it.





Here is a link to the event video from the Irish Times, which is not embeddable. neutral

The issue of marriage equality is an issue of constitutional rights. The information below is from the Yes Camp website (this website is no longer available, unfortunately):


gb-mannix-flynn-yescamp-20150507-02Dublin Councillor Gerard Mannix Flynn and Gabriel Byrne


  1. Great to catch up. Thanks Stella!!!!!

  2. Gabriel is one of the finest public speakers of our time. He’s not one of these people who would turn up to the opening of envelope regardless of whether they had an invite or not.
    He is choosy about what he supports and so when he speaks out people tend to listen.

  3. Gabriel has been a vocal advocate for human rights for a long time. The same-sex marriage issue is an issue of basic human rights. I sincerely hope the Irish people will vote YES in the referendum. I continue to be inspired by this man. The causes he espouses are not the easy ones – he is not seeking accolades for this work. He has an ability to convey messages in a meaningful way – and so he makes us think – and, hopefully , take action. Thank you Stella for this post. And thank you , Gabriel Byrne, for taking a stand.

    Angelle from Canada (where same-sex marriage has been legal since 2005)

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