I left the Big City to begin a new life on top of a (small) mountain. The nearest town has a population of around 6,000. Nature is everywhere around me. I look out on a beautiful plateau every morning from my kitchen window. The sky is so big it takes my breath away.

I can no longer imagine living in a city of concrete and buildings and too many people. But if I did, and there were a garden nearby, I would be there every day.

Gabriel Byrne and his neighbors are in danger of losing their garden in Little Italy, NY. In this video, he and others describe why the Elizabeth Street Garden is so important–to them, to their children, to their pets, to everyone’s health and happiness, to their souls. Kudos to them all for speaking out and to Mr. Byrne for being an activist for this garden, such an important part of living in the Big City.

Here is the original posting at Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York Blog.

Visit the Elizabeth Street Garden website to learn more.


Elizabeth Street Garden, Little Italy, New York


  1. Loved the video of the garden. Makes me appreciate the wilderness I live in and take for granted. Thanks Stella for bringing it to us.

  2. Thank you Stella for sharing this video about Elizabeth Street Garden, and thank you for writing the beautiful introduction, where you write about the importance of nature.

    The Elizabeth Street Garden looks like a paradise of nature with beautiful flowers and filled with people in all ages. We can see on the faces of the children how they love to be in the garden.

    A few days ago I was in Jardin the plantes in the big city of Nantes in France. This park was filled with beautifull flowers and plants, and people in all ages were enjoying to be in this green lung in the heart of the city. I think cities and neighbourhoods needs not only a heart but also these green lungs so people have a place to breath, and feel nature and beauty in their bodies.

    I hope Elizabeth Street Garden will be saved for the future.

    Thanks to Gabriel for all his wise words in the video.

    Nora from Norway,
    for the moment in Soltau in Germany,
    a place with a beautiful park

  3. Lovely video! And such a beautiful garden. I hope it is ultimately able to be saved!

    • I was heart-broken that the Elizabeth Street Garden was closed during my very brief visit back in May, Kristen. It was closed at night just when I wanted to go see it! ;-)

      But I can report that, viewing it through the bars of the gate, the place is stupendous! I can see why everyone wants to keep it safe. This “Gabriel Cause” is one that is very close to my heart, as a former gardener’s helper and a lover of Nature in all its shapes and forms.

  4. You see Stella we can’t love Gabriel because he is a wonderful actor or because his a beautiful man or he have a nice Irish accent..to me he is more than that I’m talking about his Personality here he’s Caring and loving he feels with the Responsibility around the people who been near them Even those far from it not many of the Celebrities can do that and I love him more everyday I Discovered something Amaze me something I can say that I’m Proud person that I’m one of his fan Though to be honest I don’t Prefer to use this word *fan* cuz again we’re more than that!!!! but I had to use it to Describe what we are.. and really I hope they still keeping this Garden for ever.

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