November 6

Host John Kelly did a superb job walking Mr. Byrne down memory lane and he also asked some astute questions about Gabriel’s current projects and his In Treatment experience.

You might think you have heard everything Gabriel Byrne has to say–about everything! But you have not. This is a great interview. The only problem? It is too short!

And now all we have of it is this short clip on YouTube. RTÉ has removed it from their Player. Too bad.

The description:

It turns out that Gabriel Byrne’s acting career started on the streets of Walkinstown riding his imaginary horse and playing a game called ‘who dies the best’. John Kelly’s asked him if he wanted to be in the movies when he was young and he responded “we all were, that the wonderful gift that movies gives you when you’re a kid is that they opens up your imagination”. He’s come a long way from there and is currently working in the UK on the film Lies We Tell, which also stars Harvey Keitel and Gina McKee. Gabriel Byrne also talks about the challenges and excitement of his next major Broadway role, as James Tyrone, Eugene O’Neill’s iconic patriarch, in A Long Day’s Journey Into Night in 2016 and playing opposite Jessica Lange as his morphine-addicted wife Mary.


October 14

RTÉ The Works tweeted about Gabriel Byrne’s November 5 guest appearance on the show:

In addition to Gabriel, the show’s guests over the next few weeks include Philip Glass, Elvis Costello and Marina Abramovic!


Host John Kelly and a smiling Gabriel Byrne

October 7

John Kelly is the host of the RTÉ interview show The Works. The show has started its new season and Gabriel Byrne will be a guest on November 5! Mr. Kelly visited with Gabriel while he was filming his latest movie, Lies We Tell, in Yorkshire, England. As far as I can tell, individual episodes are made available via the RTÉ Player and YouTube, so stay tuned for more details!

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  1. Sounds great. It is always a pleasure to see portraits with Gabriel. He has always interesting thoughts to share.

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