Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

On this, your special day, we wish you all the best, including happiness, success, great roles in great films, good health, fun travels, and much love!

You know by now how much we all care about you and how much we appreciate your talent, your wisdom, and your apparently limitless energy.

You inspire us, energize us, make us think, and make us feel–through your work and through the example of your life.

Thank you for being you and have a wonderful day with friends and family!

Love, Stella and Byrneholics Everywhere heart


  1. Mr. Byrne,

    On a personal note, I want to wish you the best on this landmark birthday and thank you for inspiring me to keep this website up and running all these years. Byrneholics Online is 7 years old today, all thanks to you! Have a great day and a great year and know that we will all follow you anywhere you want to take us! <3

    Love, Stella :-)

  2. Happy Byrthday Mr. Byrne!

  3. Verónica (megustagabriel)

    Here too, as on Facebook, I wish you a very happy Birthday, but not only that is my wish. I wish too, with ALL your Fans, this year,the first time, make us as happy as you can be, and please make an effort and tell us some words, that show us, you are not indifferent to us and our continuous demonstration of affection to you. Believe me, we are waiting for that since a long time ago. Can we expect your words? Yes? We love you <3

  4. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
    Wish you a great day, today and every day of your life.
    Buon Compleanno
    Daniela from Verona Italy

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Byrne. May you enjoy many more happy years!

  6. Joanna MacGougan

    Dear Mr. Byrne. I want to send you Happy Birthday wishes and I would like to say a big thank you for all the enjoyment that you bring into my life. Joanna, Nova Scotia, Canada

  7. Happy birthday to the most amazing, talented and wonderful
    human being !! Mr Byrne !!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Mr. Byrne! I hope you have a great day! Enjoy!

  9. Alejandra Galleguillos

    ¡Feliz Cumpleaños,Gabriel!

    Recibe un enorme saludo en éste día tan especial para tí a quien tengo la suerte de conocer a través de tus películas. Eres genial!
    Gracias por ser un ejemplazo de actor y una gran persona. Te deseo lo mejor tanto en tu vida profesional,familiar y en todo lo que te propongas. ¡Te lo mereces!
    Aún recuerdo cuando viniste a mi país…nunca olvidaré esos días.
    Enormes cariños y saludos! FELICIDADES!
    Alejandra – Coquimbo -Chile

  10. Happy birthday Gabriel!! ♥♥

  11. Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day is all and more than you wish for. Remember that each day and each person that you greet is a gift. Take care!

  12. Happy Birthday Gabriel!

    You are a great actor and a great personality.

    Wish you happiness and good health!

    Best wishes from
    Nora from Norway

  13. Hi Gabriel, wishing you a happy birthday ,enjoyed working with you on the Vikings and The Quirks Friends down in Balitore were asking about you,my sister bought a house there in Abbyfield about 5 years I visit here every month stop over ,we have a drink in the Butterfield Bar on Saturday nights they all send on their greetings, speak highly of you.I hope you enjoyed the interview that you gave in the Butterfield Bar one day. I typed it out for you [28]pages and gave it to you in the Mulligans Bar during the filming of the Quirks at the end of the second days scene do you remember, anyway have a nice day CHEERS.

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