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Do you live in England? If you do, here is your chance to be an extra in Gabriel Byrne’s newest film!

Urban Echo UK tells us:

Bradford International Film Associates are on the lookout for extras to appear in a new feature film starring Gabriel Byrne, Mark Addy, Om Puri, Gina McKee and Samina Peerzada as well as other big name actors from across the globe…

If you are interested in appearing in the film, extras are required for an exterior nightclub scene that is scheduled to be filmed on Thursday 8 October in Bradford. It is vital that you attend the set with your car at 6.30pm sharp! The scene will be filmed at the Cannon Mills car park in Bradford. The full address is: Cannon Mills, Cannon Mills Lane, Bradford, BD7 3HW (you can use Union Road off Great Horton Road). Food will be provided for all extras attending the shoot.

If you have any further queries, please contact 07807567377

Check out the full article for more information [On October 10, this article was no longer available]. I love the way they describe Mr. Byrne:

Gabriel Byrne is one of Hollywood’s big guns. He has appeared with the likes of Kevin Spacey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lawrence Fishburne to name a few, in a career spanning 100 films in almost four decades.


And if you work as an extra on this film, you simply must tell us all about it! wink


Now, on to the casting news:

Harvey Keitel

As mentioned in a previous posting, Mr. Keitel has joined this film in the role of “Demi.”

We know him from so many amazing films: The Piano, Reservoir Dogs, Thelma and Louise, Bad Lieutenant. I saw Mean Streets when it first came out (yes, I was old enough, in 1973, to get into the theater!). One of his most recent films is Youth, with Michael Caine, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, whose film, The Great Beauty, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year in 2014.

From a recent Variety interview at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival:

Hollywood needs indie filmmakers, Keitel told listeners when the subject of “Bad Lieutenant” came up, because it’s only from outsider filmmakers that genuine “story” originates. “It’s not gonna come from a Hollywood executive — don’t say I said that.”

On his range of difficult, dodgy characters, the veteran of more than 100 pics said, “I’ve never played a bad guy; every bad guy thinks he’s good.”

Read more about Mr. Keitel’s storied career at his IMDB Page.

harvey-keitel-2012Harvey Keitel Rocks

Gina McKee

Fans of Secret State will remember her dogged reporter chasing after Gabriel Byrne’s embattled Prime Minister. Now Ms. McKee joins Lies We Tell as “Heather.”

Ms. McKee has appeared in many films (Notting Hill, Atonement) and television series (The Borgias, Inspector Morse) and her work in the theater spans everything from Chekhov to Shakespeare. In 2010, she appeared as Goneril in the Donmar Warehouse revival of King Lear, directed by Michael Grandage and starring Derek Jacobi. She received an Olivier Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her performance. She has been described as “pale and interesting,” but I think she is fiery while being understated. We shall see what she does in this new film!

Read more about Gina McKee at her IMDB Page, her Wikipedia Page, and this 2012 interview at the

gina-mckee-2010Gina McKee

Mark Addy

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If you are, Mark Addy needs no introduction. Robert Baratheon was a larger than life character, full of wine and bluster, never to be forgotten. Mr. Addy has since gone on to an even bigger character on TV: Hercules in Atlantis. He has appeared in tons of movies (including The Full Monty and A Knight’s Tale). In Lies We Tell, he will be playing someone named Billy; the name may be diminutive, but Mark Addy will make him just as big as he needs to be, fear not!

Read more about Mark Addy at his IMDB page. By the way, he was born in York, England–just a stone’s throw from Bradford. Here is a recent interview with him at the York Press.

mark-addyMark Addy in real life

mark-addy-robert-baratheonMark Addy as Robert Baratheon

Check out more information at the Lies We Tell IMDB page.

Gabriel Byrne and cinematographer Santosh Sivan

Stay tuned for more Lies We Tell casting and film news!


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    Ohhhhhhhhhhh…nooooooooooooo!!!! I live in Chile… :(

  2. And I live in Norway… So we have to wait here too. The casting in the movie sounds great. Wonder what part Gabriel will play

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