Louder Than Bombs continues to make noise prior to its release to theaters in Norway in October! First up:

new video

Thanks to Oliver Lyttelton over at The Playlist/Indiewire, here is the new International Trailer for the film.

Although we have seen the main characters before, in teasers and clips from Cannes, most of the scenes in the new trailer are indeed new. And we see Rachel Brosnahan and David Strathairn, if briefly, for the first time as well. Some of the imagery is startling and beautiful. You really get a sense of what this film might be like. Enjoy!

[Note from Stella: the original international trailer is no longer available, so I have replaced it with the first official trailer from 2016]

In this new clip from Louder Than Bombs, featuring Gabriel Byrne and Devin Druid, we get a taste of the challenges faced by Mr. Byrne’s character, Gene, as he strives to connect with his youngest son, Conrad.

new poster


New International Poster

music from the trailer

Listen to the music from the new Louder Than Bombs trailer.

more news

In addition to lighting up the Toronto International Film Festival next week, Louder Than Bombs will be screening at the Vancouver International Film Festival, as part of the Special Presentations Section, on September 28 and October 2. Please report back here and tell us all about it. smile

An exciting development: the film has been nominated for the European Film Award! On December 12, the 28th European Film Awards will be celebrated in Berlin and Louder Than Bombs is one of 52 films under consideration for an award. Cross your fingers for a win!

The film will be officially released in Norway on October 2. You can expect to see it in the US sometime this spring.

Follow news about Louder Than Bombs at its official Facebook Page, with lots of video clips, pictures, and other information. It is updated almost daily. The page is not in English, but you can translate most of the postings pretty easily if you need to do so. Just click the See Translation link.

Gabriel Byrne in Louder Than Bombs

More news as it happens. Stay tuned for reviews from Toronto next week!


  1. Great news about this movie.
    (I am on vacation in France but I will be home in 6 days.)
    Love the new poster and the nomination for the award.
    I will see the movie when it comes to Oslo.
    Looking forward very much (!!) to see it.
    Screencaps looks great!

    Nora from Norway, in Chartres today

    • Hi, Traveling Nora.

      After you see the film, I hope you will share your reactions and thoughts with us.

      You are so lucky! And you are lucky to be in Chartres today, too. :-)

  2. This one will tug hard at our hearts, won’t it. Note before going to the cinema: take a few packets of handkerchiefs…
    PS: I have a hard time to post here, all-powerful mcAfee blocks the content and even if I click “safe website”, it closes the window. Grrr…

    • Yes, DeMonk, I think a pile of tissues to go along with the popcorn will be in order.

      Sometimes McAfee says the website is unsafe even when I am logged in and working on it! I think the problem is all the videos…but we need them, so…

  3. Of course I will report back to Byrneholics when I have seen the movie! Managed to see the new trailer on my cell phone now. Great to see Gabriel and Amy acting together again. They were very good in In Treatment.

  4. Forgot to say: You are right Stella. The Facebook page for the movie is in Norwegian.


    Dear Stella thanks again for all that news and the new trailer of Louder bombs, I am very happy to see it, and I will be waiting for this film in my country anxiously. My best wishes in the Festival.

  6. Isabel Margarita Gandarillas

    Just realize L T B was in tiff

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