Scream Factory has been making horror flicks live again for a long time. Now they have chosen to release a title near and dear to the hearts of all Byrneholics! Mark your calendars for May 12, 2015 everyone! (As megustagabriel noted in the comments, May 12 is Mr. Byrne’s birthday. What a lovely present he and his fans are receiving!)

Ken W. Hanley over at Fangoria [the link to this article no longer works and Fangoria seems to be in a state of transition] has the great news for us:

Personally speaking, this writer is a big fan of STIGMATA, a late ’90s possession horror that came out in the midst of the post-SCREAM slasher boom that carries some underrated genre performances and SFX. Despite negative reviews, STIGMATA was a box office success and maintains a strong cult following to this day, all of whom must be elated that the film will be making its high definition debut on May 12th courtesy of Scream Factory. While the announcement is merely just that, Scream Factory did mention that features from the 2000 MGM DVD will make their way over to the set…


stigmata-bluray-tentative-art-20150121tentative Blu-ray art

Elated indeed! Stigmata is beloved by Byrneholics everywhere. Gabriel Byrne’s portrayal of Father Andrew Kiernan is a stand-out in his roster of complex, thoughtful, intellectual men. The Armani coat and the shy grin add some sparkle too, of course, and do not get us started on the ending(s)! And I was recently reminded, when watching Boyhood,  just how strong an actor Patricia Arquette is. It will be great to have a high definition version of Stigmata at last.

Thank you, Scream Factory!


 Patricia Arquette as Frankie and Gabriel Byrne as Father Andrew Kiernan, enjoying a light moment before the storm!




  1. megustagabriel

    A very nice present for Gabriel’s Birthday:-)
    It’s true Stigmata is beloved by Byrneholics everywhere, as well the characters of Father Kiernan and Frankie.
    For me, Patricia Arquette made a very good job in this film. Very hard job, and about Gabriel Byrne and his shy smile, so well known and loved by everybody, what can I say we don’t know yet?
    We love Stigmata anyway but on high definition, more!

    • megustagabriel, you are right! I thought the date seemed familiar. I’ve noted in the posting that this release date is the same as Gabriel’s birthday. What a gift–for him and for us! ;-)

  2. This will be a great year for us fans: we’re being spoilt!

    • Yes, DeMonk–all kinds of stuff is happening this year! And if all goes as planned, in a few months Mr. Byrne will begin filming The Book of Vision with Carice van Houten (just as we are watching her start fires in Game of Thrones!). And so many completed films are being released. We ARE being spoiled! Then again, one can never have enough Gabriel Byrne, right? ;-)

  3. wonderful news! I hope this will be a worldwide release.. I can’t wait!

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