Note from Stella: In 2022, Berlinale website removed all of its past program archives except for the most recent four years, so I have disabled all of the links below.

Updated January 31

Press Berlinale ( @PressBerlinale on Twitter ) makes it official: Gabriel Byrne will attend this year’s Festival!


Updated January 29

Here is a better quality promotional image of Mr. Byrne in the film. Many thanks to my friend, Anonymous!

nobodywantsthenight-promo-gbGabriel Byrne in “Nobody Wants The Night”

January 28

The Programme for the 65th Berlinale is out!

The Berlin Film Festival opening night premiere on February 5 is Nobody Wants the Night and apparently there are TWO showings of the film that night, one of which includes a Live Stream of the Opening Ceremony! No news on the possible attendance of Mr. Byrne at the festival, but the director, Isabel Coixet, and star Juliette Binoche are sure to be there.

The film will show on multiple days during the festival.

Here’s the programme page with all of the information you need:


And here is the film information from the Competition section of the program:


Last, but certainly not least, a new production still!


Stay tuned here for more Festival News. Byrneholics everywhere are so excited to see this new film! The big question, though: Is Gabriel Byrne playing explorer Robert Peary? Some of us think so, but official sources are saying NO, he is playing a character named Bram Trevor, who seems to be a tracker or guide.

What do YOU think? wink

P.S. That is the official 65th Berlinale Poster up there at the top (with my little info boxes added) and the other screenshots are, of course, from the newly released Programme–thank you, Berlinale 2015!


  1. Hi Stella,
    thanks for your post :) I try to get tickets for Thursday. Is anybody else in Berlin and wants to come with me?

    • Hi, Sonja!

      You are welcome! I hope you can attend. I know there are Byrneholics in Germany, but perhaps not Berlin. I hope you can all get together and enjoy Gabriel’s new film! I am quietly crying here in Texas, USA…


  2. I, for one, believe Gabriel Byrne is playing Robert Peary. This new still from the film encourages this point of view, as do the stills of Mr. Byrne in the parka with the long beard and mustache and, the most unflattering eyebrows I have ever seen… almost identical to the images of Robert Peary. And anyway, how can you create a film about the two women who loved this iconoclastic explorer, and not show the explorer himself, the object of their affections.

    Angelle from Canada

  3. I agree with Angelle and Stella, and I find it strange if Gabriel is not playing Robert Peary.
    If there is a Robert Peary at all in the movie, it must be Gabriel.
    Women need someone spectacular to love, in the story and also in the movie…

    And: Who is Bram Trevor?
    Must be a fascinating man if Gabriel should give life to him.

    • Your words do get to the heart of the matter, Nora.
      However, we must wait and see. One more week. The truth will be revealed!


  4. Indeed, I saw on IMDB that Gabriel plays “Bram Trevor”, but on Allo Cine”, a french website about the movies releases it’s written that he plays Robert Peary : this is the link (in french). So ??

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