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Press Conference Highlights!

And, of course, the Gallery here at Byrneholics is now full of pictures from the Press Conference and the Red Carpet, along with some fan pics as well.



February 4

It is official! Gabriel Byrne, director Isabel Coixet, and colleagues Juliette Binoche and Rinko Kikuchi will all be on hand to present the Opening Night Premiere of Nobody Wants the Night at the 65th Berlinale on Thursday, February 5!

Press Release for the Star-Studded Opening Gala:

Following the Opening Gala, Isabel Coixets Nadie quiere la noche (Nobody Wants the Night) will have its world premiere. The Spanish director and the stars of her film, Juliette Binoche, Rinko Kikuchi, and Gabriel Byrne will all be at hand to present the film in Berlin.

The Press Kit offers the following synopsis for the film:

“Nobody Wants the Night” is the story of a high society woman from the United States, Josephine Peary (Juliette Binoche) who, in 1908, decides she wants to join her husband, explorer Robert Peary, and share in the glorious moment of discovering the North Pole. Although everyone, and especially Bram (Gabriel Byrne) – an experienced explorer –, warns her of the dangers lying in wait for her, Josephine Peary embarks on this risky venture without heeding anyone, accompanied by Bram and two Eskimos. The film narrates the epic trek of this woman through one of the most inhospitable places in the world, her adventures, and her meeting with an Inuit woman, Allaka (Rinko Kikuchi), which will strongly influence her rigid ideas concerning the world and life… forever. Josephine Peary will have to face death, danger and her own ghosts if she wishes to survive the arctic night. “Nobody Wants the Night” is a story about adventures, discovery, pain, survival and, above all, an incredible love story.

So this is official, too: Mr. Byrne will be portraying Bram, an explorer and tracker. It seems that Robert Peary is nowhere to be found in this film…

nobody-wants-the-night-berlinale2015-posterBerlinale poster

streaming video

Streaming videos on Thursday, February 5 will include:

Nadie quiere la noche (Nobody Wants the Night) by Isabel Coixet
14.35 Photo Call
14.45 Press Conference

Nadie quiere la noche (Nobody Wants the Night) by Isabel Coixet
18.15 Red Carpet

19.45 – ca. 20.30 Opening 65. Berlinale

A World Time Zone map will help you determine when to watch, depending on where you are. Berlin is in the UTC+1 zone.

Stay tuned here for pictures and videos of these events as they become available.

And let’s all say Congratulations! and good luck to the cast and crew of Nobody Wants the Night and wish them well! We are there with you in spirit!

nobody-wants-the-night-promo-berlinale2015Promotional image for Nobody Wants the Night

Thanks to my friend who is attending the festival in Berlin for news and updates! I had hoped to attend the Berlinale this year, but it was not to be…


  1. megustagabriel

    Thank you so much Stella for your effort to give us details of whole schedule of Ceremony and the correspondent link to be able to watch it.
    I hope the film will have success, as well Gabriel and the rest of cast.

    • You are welcome, Megusta! I hope the streaming video is successful and that everyone can watch Mr. Byrne and his colleagues as they represent this new film. Very exciting!

  2. How cool is that ! Congratulations to cast and crew for being selected to open the Berlinale.They made this film under extreme conditions (when they filmed in Norway anyway). Great to see a female director being lauded as well as supporting a film that portrays strong and complex female characters.


    • Angelle, there is an interview with Isabel Coixet in The Hollywood Reporter today. She talks about the film industry and how hard it is for women to succeed as directors. About location filming for this new project, she says: “At some point, the two cameras we had were frozen, and we had to warm them up with our bodies!” Now THAT is dedication to one’s craft… She also notes: “I think I’m nuts, because the more difficult it is, the more I love it.” Yes. Can’t wait to see this film! ;-)

      • What a wonderful interview. Thanks for the tip Stella. It shows her spunk and determination. I’ve followed her films for a few years now, but had not seen many interviews in English (or French). Looking forward to the Q and A today.

        And you sure don’t know cold until you’ve been to a northern country in winter – what a feat it was for them to shoot so far north (thank goodness it was spring) . We’re going through a cold spell here – It’s -27 Celsius right now, and Public Health has issued a Frostbite Warning (to prevent people from exposure, and homeless people from freezing to death overnight) I can’t imagine trying to make a film under those kind of conditions – and yes, cameras do freeze at those temperatures and exposed skin can be damaged after just 10 minutes.

        Angelle from Canada

  3. Oh, my blood is freezing just reading about it.

  4. http://www.newslook.com/videos/802511-65th-berlinale-international-film-festival-opens
    Here is a video (2/5/15) of the Berlinale red carpet with a short interview of Gabriel. I hope the link works

  5. Thank you Stella! Hope this film makes it to UK cinemas…

    • Well, Karen, based on the early reviews, this film may go straight to DVD/VOD! I really want to see it on the big screen, too. Wah!

  6. Ardilaun

    It will definitely be released in Spain and France in cinemas. After that it may appear in festivals. Reviews have been pretty poor with the directorial choices gaining much criticism… I’ll probably love it!

  7. Thanks to Stella and all for all the info and pictures!!

  8. THANKS STELLA for all news that you send me ,I can feel me more near of these events , I wish that this films would be seen soon in Argentine that the others that he has done , my best wishes to Mr Gabriel and all my admiration …and all the success…..

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