Thanks to David Rodriguez, who  served as an assistant to Patricia Riggen, the director of The 33, we have a new poster! This one is great and I am reasonably sure we will see one in English soon.

the-33-poster-01the latest poster

And although I think I posted the release date for the film somewhere already (probably on Facebook), here you have it: August 6, 2015. Wahoo!

Cote de Pablo has been in the press recently, discussing her departure from NCIS and her new role in The 33.

In an interview at TVLine, she has this to say about the film:

Following her appearance at the Television Critics Association winter press tour — where she was promoting the upcoming CBS mini The Dovekeepers — de Pablo said that after her break from NCIS, “I took a couple of months off, and my entire family came over which was really great. They knew that it was a tough transition for me, and within three-and-a-half months I had an offer,” for the Chilean miner biopic The 33.

“For the most part I have had incredible opportunities knock on my door — I have read them, I have been not quite interested,” she said. But The 33 afforded her both an opportunity to return “home” to Chile and work with “incredible people” including Juliette Binoche, Antonio Banderas and Gabriel Byrne. “I thought, ‘My god am I ready for this?’” de Pablo relates. “And I was ready.”

And we are ready for The 33, are we not!? smile


  1. I must admit that I do not like the poster. So I will hope the movie is better than the poster.

    • LOL, Nora! I think this is an “advance” poster. We will be seeing more posters closer to the time of the film’s release, I imagine. ;-)

  2. sweetbud2

    Whenever GB’s illustrious name is listed last, I always know it will be a stellar but VERRY short part (cameo), SIGH…

    • Sweetbud, you may be right, HOWEVER:

      Mr. Byrne’s role in “The 33/Los 33” is rather pivotal. He plays the engineer who talked with the press each day during the mining disaster. So I hope that he will be on screen in more than just a cameo! Let’s cross our fingers, shall we? And let’s continue to hope for a release of this film in the USA! ;-)

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