The first official trailer for The 33/Los 33 has been released on YouTube by 20th Century Fox Chile and it is, as the young folks say, awesome!

Full of excitement, drama, and emotion–plus explosions–the trailer gives you a real sense of what this film will be like.

Gabriel Byrne appears briefly in three different scenes (one with his back to us) and it is wonderful to finally see him on screen in this movie.

The release date for the film has been set for August 6, 2015. However, *where* the film will be released is not yet known, so stay tuned!

Two Screencaps


Translation: There is less than a 1% chance of finding them.


Translation: You will make the mountain fall on top of them.

And to end on a musical note, here is the great Argentine singer Mercedes Sosa performing the song Gracias a La Vida included in the video:

Thanks to Verónica for her translations and the music! smile


  1. Awesome!
    Kinda weird that all those Spanish people are talking English, but otherwise, pretty cool :)

  2. Alejandra Galleguillos

    Hi, friends!
    I love and I’m fan number 1 from Gabriel Byrne, for me was a true honor he could to come here to my country to record a movie which is based in real life.


    Ale- Chile

    • Hi, Alejandra! We know Mr. Byrne had a great time making this film in Chile. And now we know he has enthusiastic fans in Chile, too. :-)

      Thanks for visiting!

  3. megustagabriel

    There are many Spanish and Latinamerican who speak English. English is considered an Universal Language.
    It can be weird to listen North American, Italian, French, German people speaking in Spanish as well.
    I remember when Gabriel made an interview in Chile and spoke in Spanish. It was really cool too.

    • Aragarna and Megustagabriel,

      There have been several comments in the press about the use of Spanish-accented English in this film.

      What interests me is a different question: for what audience has this film been made? The main producer is American. The director is from Mexico and the writer was born in Finland. The cast is international: from Spain, France, Ireland, America, and other countries. The subject matter is an event which occurred in Chile. What language SHOULD a film such as this use? In addition, the Spanish-speaking cast, of which there are many, including Gabriel Byrne, has a range of accents (Spanish sounds very different in Spain, in Chile, in Argentina). And this could be confusing and even jarring in a movie with so many speaking parts.

      Still, I would be perfectly willing to watch this film in Spanish with English subtitles. But we know that mainstream US audiences do not like subtitles very much and this film looks very much like a mainstream action/disaster/adventure movie (so I think it has been made with an American audience in mind), which is great except that subtitles would kill its box-office chances. Keep in mind: this film has not yet identified an American distributor!

      So, I think English is the way to go and, once the DVD is available, we can hope there will be subtitles in Spanish, French, and other languages for those who would like them.

      And do not even mention “dubbing,” ok? I know there are differing opinions about this, but I hate it…


  4. megustagabriel

    Stella: As always, you go beyond of the surface :-)
    You are right and we have to wait, at last, which will be the official language, although I think it has to be both English and Spanish.
    Maybe they will put subtitles in each languages, what would be correct (I think). Not problem to understand by everybody.
    I think if the movie is good, noone have to have problems with subtitles.
    You are right. We have to wait, anyway :-)

  5. megustagabriel

    I hate “dubbing” as well :-)

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