It has been 20 years since The Usual Suspects first mystified us with its unique and tangled story. So, of course, this masterpiece by Bryan Singer (director) and Christopher McQuarrie (Oscar-winning writer) is getting the anniversary treatment with a new Blu-ray release!

Amazon US and Amazon UK both offer the new version, which was released on January 27, 2015.

The specs seem to be the same for both, with subtitles available in English, French, and Spanish.

This is a perfect opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with Kevin Spacey’s (another Oscar-winner for his portrayal of Verbal Kint) Pretzel Man, Gabriel Byrne’s “so hot he is cool” Dean Keaton, and the late Pete Postlethwaite’s lawyer, Kobayashi, one of his indelible performances. Already seen it? Of course you have. See it again. It is worth it every time.

Blu-Ray Screencap 01
Blu-Ray Screencap 02

Oh, and new cover art!


What a cast! What a story! Happy Anniversary, Suspects!


  1. 20 years already! Need to update my collection. I only have the VHS version.


  2. megustagabriel

    This phrase, by itself, worth to buy the Blue-Ray version: “so hot he is cool” LOL
    Of course this is a very famous film of Gabriel known all over the World.

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