It was a night (and a day) to remember!

The Gallery has been updated with 37 images from the premiere of Nobody Wants the Night at the Berlinale on February 5, 2015. These include:

gb-nobodywantsthenight-press-conference-20150205-01Official images from Getty Images and others

gb-nobodywantsthenight-redcarpet-20150205-05Images screencapped from the Streaming Video of the Red Carpet

gb-nobodywantsthenight-press-conference-by-anonymous-20150205-11AImages from friend Anonymous, who is attending the festival and kindly shared her pics with us

opening gala and red carpetAnother one from Anonymous

gb-fans-sonja-berlinale-2015-20150205Images shared by fans

Thanks to everyone for sharing these GREAT pics! Be sure to head over to the Gallery to see them all!


  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos from Berlin Stella.
    It must have been great to be in Berlin, but with photos and videos and things to read we get a little taste of the movie and the film festival.

    I am happy to see that Gabriel looks great.
    (Not only great, but in fact gorgeous, if I shall be frank)

    Hope the movie will get good reviews. That is what I hope for.

    (Sorry about the Norwegian coffee…)
    (I better not mention here that I don’t drink coffee.)

    Nora from Norway

    • LOL, Nora! Ms. Coixet was singularly unimpressed with the coffee in Norway, wasn’t she? ;-)

      This has been such an exciting event! We have not seen Mr. Byrne at a film festival in quite some time. He seemed at home and he looked great, the press conference was fun and informative, and the red carpet was strange and glamorous. Who could ask for more?

      Oh, I suppose we could ask TO SEE THE FILM, PLEASE!! Someday, we hope.

  2. Wonderful pics Stella. Coverage of the Berlinale opening film was virtually non-existent over here, except for a huge front (and back) page spread in Le Devoir, the largest French language newspaper in Canada, with a very large impromptu pic of Gabriel and Juliette bantering at the photocall. It’s no surprise that Montreal loves la Binoche and Mr. Byrne ! AND the review was positive.

    Angelle from Canada

    • Thanks for this wonderful article (and pic!), Angelle.

      Coverage in mainstream press is miniscule, but the Berlinale website makes it possible to really be a part of the festival. I am impressed with their efficiency and their technology. Every festival should do such a good job!

  3. The pictures are fabulous Stella <3 Thank you to those who shared them and thank you to you for sharing with us.
    And yes to see the actual film would be good wouldn't it? *crosses everything*

  4. Hello at all.
    I like the actor Gabriel Byrne :D
    I don’t see Gabriel Byrne in the Gala of the Goya of this year in Spain with the film Nobody wants the night.
    Is very beautiful I love him ^_^ <3

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