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Status: In development, with filming set to begin in Vancouver and Ireland Fall 2018.

Written and directed by Matt Bissonnette

Cast so far: Gabriel Byrne, Antoine-Olivier Pilon, Brian Gleeson

According to Screen Daily, the title of the film is taken from Leonard Cohen’s 1977 album, and the script was inspired by the work of the late Canadian poet and musician, including themes of love, loss and the relationship between fathers and sons. Cohen’s music and verse will be woven throughout the film supported by his blessing of the project prior to his death in 2016 and the continuing support of his management.

Description from Screen Daily:

Samuel O’Shea has seen better days as the film opens. His second marriage is ending and he has started seeing strange things such [as] Frankenstein sidling up to him in a bar, or his much-missed late father popping in for a chat.

When Samuel discovers he has a brain tumour, which may be the cause of his strange visions, he enters a more reflective period of his life, moving to his family’s remote shack, where he embarks on the novel he has been meaning to write all his adult life and unexpectedly falls in love with a local woman. This trajectory leads Samuel to an utterly unforeseeable happy ending.

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